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  • Saturday, 19 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2018 Written Episode Written Update"Adi On Ishita's Gun Point, Pihu Sentenced Jail for 8 Month"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2018 Written Episode Written Update"Adi On Ishita's Gun Point, Pihu Sentenced Jail for 8 Month"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2018 Episode Start with Roshni Shouts Ishi Maa and They Look Behind to See Adi is Dragging Roshni Ishi and Aliya run to them But Adi Points Gun at Ishita That don’t come forward otherwise I will Shot.

    Ishita Asks Him from Where Did He get Gun? Roshni Tells Adi That She wants to Marry Shantanu But Adi Gets Furious That He will Kill her if she wants to Marry Shantanu.
    She tells Adi That He Can Force her But what about Her Heart She will Never Love Him Ishita tries to Make Him Understand But He Shouts On her that Stop this Lecture.

    Aliya too tries to make him understand But he doesn’t want to listen to them and Drags Roshni with him.
    Shagun comes Forward she is on Call with Mani Who Listen to Their Conversation where Adi threatens them That He will Kill everyone.
    Shagun comes forward to Stop Him But He Points Gun of Him That He is Her Son and He Came with Full Preparation He takes Out Acid Bottle and Tells Them That He will Finish This off here.

    He takes Roshni to Car and Shouts on Ishita That don’t Force him to Shot Gun of them and He takes Away Roshni with him.
    He drives Madly and Ishita-Aliya-Shagun Follow Adi.
    There At court Pihu’s Hearing Going On Lawyer tells Simmi Last time Her Confession Raman Asks Simmi That His Daughter’s Life is In Her hand.

    Param comes to them and Raman Gets Angry Param tries to Talk with Simmi That She is doing wrong they did Wrong with Our Daughter Raman gets Furious But Stops By Mr. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla Asks Raman why ishita does not come yet.
    In The Car, Ishita is worried for Roshni Also She is Worried that Court Hearing is about to Start Aliya Assures her that Simmi will Give Vote in their Favour.
    Court Hearing Starts and Raman-Ishita’s Lawyer Start with Case That Ananya’s Death was an accident and Ishita Took all Blame on herself to Save her Daughter And She was Punished for That But Now They want their Daughter to come out of Guilt of Killing her Cousin So They reopen the Case.
    Param’s Lawyer too Present his Point of View that they have proof That Death was not Accident.
    Raman’s Lawyer Calls Simmi In witness box and Raman Begs Her to Say In Favour of Pihu.
    There Adi’s Car Diseal Finished and He comes out of Car and He Drags Roshni Too Who Struggles to Free Herself.
    He Holds her Chin and Asks Her why don’t you understand That I Love You But She tells Him That This is not Love This is Your Ego because You want to Win Against Your Family. Shantanu Loves Me He Loves Me Selflessly Learn from Him.
    He Holds her Form Behind and Tells Her that Before you Chant Adi Adi Now Your Love Finish in one day You are Telling Shantanu, Shantanu.
    There Ishita Sees Adi’s Car and Stops There She comes Out But Adi Points Gun on ishita That He will Kill Her If she takes One Step Ahead Ishita is Shocked.
    There at Court Simmi Starts Her Confession That Pihu is Like her daughter Raman gets relief But After that Simmi Tells That Because of Pihu I lost My Daughter so I Blamed Pihu for My Daughter’s Death Raman-Ruhi and Family Gets Shocked to Listen to this. Param Smiles.
    Raman comes to Simmi to talk to Her But Judge Tells him to Sit and To Simmi to Continue.
    Simmi cries and Folds her hand that Her Daughter Wanted to Become Judge Like You We have so Many Dreams But Their Daughter Killed her Daughter She wants Justice Raman Stands Up Again But Judge warns Him to sit.
    Simmi asks For Justice Param Takes her with him.
    Mrs. Bhalla Cries. Raman’s Lawyer tries to tell something Judge Tells Them to Bring Pihu Bhalla at court.
    Ishita tries to make Adi Understand But He tells That He won’t leave Roshni Shagun Also Tries to Make Him Understand that Ishita is your mother she has done So Much for you Please gets down this Gun.
    He Shouts No She is not my mother She just concern about this Aliya and Roshni When Raman Bhalla Throw Me Out where was she where was Her Motherness.
    Shagun again Tries to make Him understand But He Shouts That You were Just Like me plotting Roshni about to go But Adi Holds her again and asks her where is she going She tells Him that Please leave her. He tells her, yes I will Leave You But In which condition that No One will come Near You They all are shocked.
    Raman brings Pihu to courtroom she gets Scared and asks her Ishi Maa. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her But She Cries.
    Judge asks Pihu to come to him She is Scared and Goes to Judge He asks Her Did you Pushed Your Cousin Ananya She remembered and Pihu Nods and runs back to Raman.
    Judge Gives his Statement That Pihu Bhalla is Sentences for 8 Month for Juvenile Home and He leaves Raman Tries to talk to Him.
    Simmi gets Happy and Hugs Param Raman tells Simmi that he will Kill her Mrs. Bhalla Curses her and Slaps Her that form Now She is not Their Daughter She tells That She won't lives with them.
    Lady police come and take Pihu who Cried Hard.
    There Adi Takes Out Acid Bottle and tries to Open Aliya runs to Them But He Pushes Away Aliya. Ishita comes Forward But Adi again Points Gun. Shagun Calls Mani.
    Adi Points Gun on Roshni and He is Threating her that he will Kill her In the Stormy wind His Guns Fall down and He Opens Acid Bottle Ishita takes The Gun and Shouts Adi and Points The Gun on Adi and tells Him to Stop otherwise She will Trigger the Gun.

    Precap : Same Promo As Yesterday Ishita triggers the Gun and Bullet Hit Adi’s Chest and He Falls Down of the Ground.

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