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  • Thursday, 17 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Adi's Drama Ishita consoles Raman"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Adi's Drama Ishita consoles Raman"

    Episode Start with Aliya comes to Room and Sees Adi is Sitting On the couch she Asks Him is Everything Okay? Why are You Sitting In Dark?

    He asks Her why were you? Why didn’t you Pick my calls She Tells him That She was busy Say Something Urgent.
    He Pushes Chair in Anger and Holds her Shoulder so Tight and Says Yes its Urgent Because I want Divorce She gets Shocked and Pushes Him Away.

    She puts her hand on her Mouth and Tells Him So Now I understand Those Flowers and all things are Fake But Adi What Now Because Roshni is already getting married.
    He Sits On The Couch and She is Analyzing all things But Adi gets Furious Again and Holds her Shoulder Again That He Waited So Long So without any drama Give me Divorce All Papers are Ready Just Sign and Let me Free.

    She Shouts That She is not Puppet You can Throw me anytime SO I won't Give you divorce He Is Angry and Forcefully Pushes on Her Bed to make her sit and Tells Her that he doesn’t Love her he loves Roshni so Give him Divorce.
    She Pushes him Away and he collapses on the Floor But Again Stands up and asks Her So You won’t Give me Divorce She Says yes and He Pushes her on the Floor.

    She gets Brusis and She comes Out Shouting Save me Ishita and Raman and Other family Rush to her and ask what Happened She tells Them That Adi Beat her Adi Again try to Touch But Raman Holds Him By Collar and Tells Him to Behave He tries to Push Him Away.
    Aliya reveals that He wants Divorce From me and He wants to Marry Roshni.
    Raman gets Angry and He Slaps Him Also Reveals Everyone that Ruhi is not Culprit he is the One Who is Running Illegal Business with Suraj.
    Everyone Get Shocked And Raman Slaps Him More and He tells everyone no One Stop me again and Two Three More Slap But Adi Stops His hand.
    Adi Jerks his hand and Tells Raman that I Will Raise My hand and I will Forget that You are My father Mr. Bhalla tries to Interfere But he Shouts on Him That Control Your Son and You and Your Family Gave Nothing to me that’s why I Joined My Hands with Suraj.
    We all Know Nothing is Important than Money that’s why I Joined Hand with Suraj. He Tells Ishita that You were in jail and You Raman Bhalla was Sick. Param controlled everything Simmi was His Puppet and Then I met Suraj and Started my Business.
    He tells them That was My Choice and yes I want a divorce from Aliya because I Love Roshni and She doesn’t want my relationship with her.
    Ishita shouts on Adi that Shut Up and Respect your wife he Shouts on her and IShita About to Rise her Hand but he shouts On her Again

    The family gets angry on Adi when he misbehaves with his parents. Raman declares that he isn’t Adi’s father anymore. He asks Adi to get out of his house. He doesn’t want anyone disrespectful of women in his house. Raman throws Adi out of the house. Adi doesn’t oppose and leaves from there, as he just thinks for Roshni. Aaliya loses Adi forever.

    Raman and Ishita apologize to her, as they couldn’t do justice with Aaliya. They feel Adi was answerable to them and Aaliya first. Aaliya forgives them. Ishita supports Aaliya. She asks Aaliya to trust them, they will make everything fine. Raman and Ishita cry as they have lost Adi. Ishita has hope that she can bring Adi back on right track. She feels Raman has done right to beat up Adi for his mistake.

    Adi gets shelter at Suraj’s house. Suraj learns the matter and instigates Adi further more. Adi decides to get divorces from Aaliya. He is ready to do anything to marry Roshni. Suraj uses his madness against Bhallas. Mani and Shagun meet Aaliya to console her. Adi sends the divorce papers for Aaliya.

    PRECAP :

    Ishita tells Shagun That They are Standing with Aliya If he wants to Divorce her he has to Cut off his Ties with us too. Adi tells Raman that tell Aliya to Sign those papers. Raman tells Him Let me How You will divorce Aliya or Stop Roshni's Marriage. Adi Challenges Raman Let's See Who will win.

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