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  • Wednesday, 16 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman-Ishita worried For Adi's Strange Behavior

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman-Ishita worried For Adi's Strange Behavior

    Ishita asks Raman do you think our Ruhi can do this? Raman tells her that I Know Ruhi is Not doing this She asks Him About His Behavior He tells her that He didn’t have any option I didn’t want to Hint Adi Because Adi is Running Illegal Job with Suraj.

    He is angry and He Shouts that in Anger that his own Blood Can do this I was Suspecting On Param and others Because I know Only With Kiran’s Support He can’t do this Alone But Adi what happened to this Guy.

    There Adi tells Ruhi That He wants Only Money for His Goals And Each Transition will Happen only On Raman’s Name So Only Raman Bhalla is Responsible for everything and He tells her that Now you should Understand This That Only Money Matters to me.

    Ishita asks Raman Is There any things Left In Our Upbringing He tells That We tried Hard But He was Grown up In Ashok and Shagun’s company So He Learnt This That Money is Bigger than any relation.

     We Changed Him But He is Now Same Adi Again. Ishita tells Raman Not to Lose Hope we corrected his Mistakes In Past and From After that He was A Good brother and Son He is Just trapped in the Bad company.
    Raman Blames Himself for that He tells her that So Many Things Changed in Last 2 years.
    You were not Here and you were Playing perfect Mother’s role and what was I doing I was Helping Myself. Our Family is now Breaking One side we have to Save Pihu and Otherside our Own Son wants to Destroy us.
    Ishita consoles Him That They won't let this Happen.
    Roshni tells Shagun That She doesn’t want to Hide anything from Shantanu Shagun tells her that She Already told and Shantanu told Her that He doesn’t have anything to her past.
    Morning :
    Shagun Calls Aliya and Informs her About Roshni’s Marriage and She is Happy for Her Adi listens to Their talk and Asks Her in Panic Mode How Can Her marriage Fix So Early.
    He Holds her shoulder so Tights She tells him That he is Hurting her He Gets Angry and Leaves.
    He comes to Roshni’s House and Sees Lock He Calls her But She doesn’t Attend He Thinks All This Because of Shagun.
    The lawyer tells Ishita-Raman and Simmi That Everything is Set Pihu doesn't have to come to Court.
    He Gives Rehearsal Statement to Simmi But She tells She Have To tell Truth and she Knows She Doesn’t Need this. She wants to Help Pihu and Ishita They Suffered So Much.
    They come out of Lawyer office and Raman Thanks Her and Gives her hug.
    Ishra is Ahead of her and She Looks them with So Much Anger.
    Adi comes to Shagun and Asks Her How can She Fixed Roshni’s Marriage He Searches Roshni in Her House but He doesn’t Find her He asks her where is she?
    Shagun Tells Him That Roshni doesn't want to meet to Him He threatens Shagun that Get ready for Consequences of this and Leaves.
    Adi is Mad and talking to Himself that he won’t leave Aliya and Shagun and Suddenly He thinks About Sale where she told once she will go.
    He reaches there and Holds Roshni’s Hand and Tries to take her with him But Shantanu comes and introduces Himself as his Fiance But Adi Introduce himself as her ex-husband.
    He about to take Her away again But Ishita Raman Along with Shagun Aliya and Mani come there and congratulate her.
    Shagun inform ishita about her marriage and ishita wonders why so early But Ishita says sorry to Roshni that She couldn’t help her but Roshni Says Its Okay She knows How Busy you are in Case.
    In their conversation, Shantanu tells that He is Lucky that He gets Roshni Adi gets Furious and He tells That Before you Roshni was Mine…All Look at Him and He tells I mean My wife.
    Shantanu tells I know everything How You Left her alone on Road Then Ishi Maa Saved.Anyways I liked her this thing That’s why I want to marry her.
    He tells that He and roshni have to go for shopping and they Leave Adi tells he has meeting and He leaves Too Aliya Goes with  Raman and Ishita

    Adi comes to Roshni's house and confronts her, he angrily asks Roshni to cancel the wedding while Shantanu he throttles Adi for misbehaving with Roshni. Adi and Shantanu have major clash.

    Raman and Ishita are tensed thinking about Adi that how Adi misbehaved with Roshni and talked to Shantanu, suddenly they get Advocate call. Advocate tells Raman that Param reopened Ananya's murder case and Court had asked Pihu to be present in the court.


    Aaliya is injured she reveals to family that Adi beaten her and forced her to sign the divorce papers all get hell shock that Raman beats Adi and exposes his involvement in Suraj's scandal, Raman Slaps Him but Next Time he Stops Raman's hand and Tells Him That He Can Raise His Hand too.

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