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  • Monday, 14 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman tells Family About Pihu's truth"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman tells Family About Pihu's truth" 

    Episode Start with Adi and Roshni in wake Up In Same Bed they Greet Morning to Each Other And Adi gets Aliya’s call On His Phone and Roshni Gives Phone to Adi and He talks with Her She Wishes Him Morning and They talk Roshni Leaves and She is In Bathroom thinks About Yesterday’s Incident and Shagun’s word about Having Affair with Married Men.

    She comes out of Bathroom and Adi gets Close to her But She Stops Him and They Start Arguing again. He tells her that I Know That You Think How Shameless Men I am Keeping Relation with Both Aliya and You But I want some time I will tell everyone about us Just give me Sometimes. He Hugs her and Asks her do you trust me She Nods.

    He again Gets Aliya’s call and they talk about Breakfast But Adi tells he has Lunch Meeting He Hangs Up and Kisses Roshni on her forehead that he has a lunch meeting with her and He leaves.

    Ishita and Raman At Lawyer’s Office Lawyer tell Her that You getting Pihu’s Blame on Yourself may be Get Pihu in trouble Judge may think you hide it intentionally So Many other Aspects too.
    Ishita gets worried and Raman Asks Lawyer’s Advice he tells her to go and tell You Family member and If Ananya’s Mother Simmi is In Your Favor You will win the Case Ishita looks at Raman and ask will Simmi help us?

    Roshni is Making Food and she is Thinking That Adi and she is playing with Fire She Hears Door Bell and When She Opens Door gets Shocked to see Shagun is Standing there.
    Shagun comes Inside and Closes the Door.
    Raman Gatherers Everyone and Simmi too come to Raman Holds her and tells Simmi That What we will say is Related to You Ishita Hide Something from everyone, Mr. Bhalla Asks ishita what is Raman Talking about.
    Shagun asks Roshni Did you ever Think About Aliya Look at me and talk to Me She tells her that I Love Adi. Shagun Makes her Understand That Aliya won't Divorce Adi You will Always Be His Second women I was at Your Place at One Day.
    Ishita will Be Hurt and Raman you Knows His Anger He will trow Adi out of House She Makes her Sit On the couch and Gives her own Example How Ashok used her.
    Just Think About this with Calm Mind Don’t Ruin Your and My’s Kids Life She tells Shagun that She told Adi But he won't Listen.
    Shagun tells her Only You can Keep him Away You go away from this City I will Help you to get Marry She Folds her hand and tells her to Stop All This and Leaves.

    Raman and Ishita confront Simmi and entire family where Raman tells Simmi about Pihu's truth, Simmi cries while entire family is shocked. Raman seeks help from Simmi to give statement in Pihu's favor, Simmi agrees saying she had lost her daughter and now she can't lose Pihu. All are happy with Simmi's decision while Ishita thanks Simmi and hugs her.

    Mrs. Bhalla confess sorry to Ishita for what she did with her assuming her being Ananya's murderer, Simmi watches everyone from distance that Ruhi feels something fishy. Ruhi tells Mihika that she can't believe Simmi as she well knows evil Simmi, Mihika asks her that she don't have any proof how she can prove.

    Ruhi decides to take Adi's help but sees him going and follows him that she gets shocked seeing Adi with Suraj. Adi questions Suraj if the company papers are ready. 

    PRECAP :

    Ruhi sees Adi is singing Raman;s Signature on Fake Paper and He is sitting with Suraj. She comes to them and asks Adi That he is the one who is Doing This Illegal Process. 

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