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  • Saturday, 12 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman Consoles Ishita Simmi Knows Truth"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman Consoles Ishita Simmi Knows Truth"

    Episode Start with Simmi comes to Ishra’s room to hear their conversation But She is not able to Listen to anything She thinks to Go away from there because she doesn’t want anyone to catch her.

    She about to leave But She Hears Raman’s voice he is taking Ananya Name She Stops and Shocked to Listen They are taking about Ananya's death and How Param Knows that Pihu was Behind the accident Not Ishita But Still Param use this opportunity to Blackmail Ishita.

     Ishita tells that Simmi won’t understand this Raman Hugs Ishita that I won’t let Param do anything to Pihu He hugs her.
    Simmi Cries out of the door that Pihu was the one and Param Knew this She drags Him In Parking lot and She is Shouting On him He tells her what is the problem?

    She Grabs His Collar and asks Him How can he Hide this from her that Pihu Killed her daughter Ananya
    He Gets shocked But He acts Like Hit me If you want take out your Pain on Me I am Also Her Father I wanted to Kill that Person who Killed our Daughter But That Ishita was standing in front of pihu and tell me what we get if we gave Punishment to Pihu I wanted to give Pain to Ishita I wanted her to stay away from her daughter.

    Simmi is Furious She tells that I will Send Pihu Jail Just See me what I will do to her.
    There Raman Consoles Ishita that he will Hire Best Lawyer nothing will happen to Pihu.
    Roshni Give Briefs About Office to Ishita. She Gets Call About Adi’s Accident She Reaches the Place But Adi is Nowhere.
    Just Same Time Adi comes to Place In Car and He comes Out And they Hug Each Other She Confesses that She Loves You.
    Both Talk to Each Other that Both get Call about Each-Other’s Accident They Think Who Called them.
    Shagun comes and Tells that I Called you both to Know About You Both Now I can See Fire on both Side. She tells Roshni not to Hide Behind Adi and You Adi You are Playing Very Clearly One side you are giving Gifts to your wife and another side This with Roshni How Will Ishita and Raman React when they will come to Know and Aliya she won't able to take this.
    Shagun shouts on Roshni that You don’t have Shame Because he is married and You Just Live 2-3 months in London that doesn’t mean You Fly Like this.
    Adi defends Roshni and Shagun About to Slap Him But he holds her hand in between and She gets Shocked when he tells her that don’t you raise your hand otherwise it will be wrong.
    He about to take Roshni away But Shagun tells him to Listen to him he tells Roshni to go home and Don’t Be Scared because No One Will do anything to me.
    Shagun and Adi have argument Adi tells her that He doesn’t Love Aliya now and I don’t think there is anything But Shagun tries to make her understand that You are married You can’t Love Roshni You Love Aliya only.
    Adi Shouts on Her that You stop this Drama Because you did Same You Cheated on Dad and Left Him So Don’t Give me Lecture She tries again But He leaves.
    Roshni comes Home and Cries Over Her Situation that why she reacts Like this She Loves Adi But She is Scared what will she do Now Shagun will tell everyone to let me Keep my phone off Just Then Door Bell ring and Adi on the Otherside.
    He tells her to open the Door Because he wants to talk to her He Creates Drama and she Opens The Door But She Tries to Runaway But He Hugs her and confesses his Love and Tells her that he can’t live away from her.
    She Denies But He Holds by Shoulder and tells her that I will Suicide if you Go away from Me She tells him that You are Aliya’s Husband and This is wrong.
    He gets Angry and He Broke the Glass Vase and Tells her that He will Cut His hand if You will go away and He Tries But Roshni Hugs him and Tells Him That I Love If anything Happen to You I won't able to live.
    They confess Again to Each Other and Adi tells her to forget and live this moment and He Lifts he in his arms and takes her to bed and You can Imagine What Happened Next lol.
    Morning: Ishita calls pihu’s teacher and asks her about Health She Informs Ishita that Piu doesn’t want to Leave Camp. Ishita tells her if anything goes wrong we will come to take her back.
    Ishita talks to Pihu’s Picture that She is sorry That She Shared their Secret with papa.
    Raman comes and Hugs her she cries in His arms that Now Param doesn’t have any Point for blackmailing what if he but Raman cuts off her and Says He will Kill Param if he tries to do anything.
    He reminds her that How She was Scared on Adi’s custody Time but We won This Time to everything will be okay.

    PRECAP: Raman tells Everyone About Pihu He Asks Simmi That If You Give Your Vote in Pihu’s Favor Nothing will happen to her. She Looks at Ishita

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