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  • Friday, 11 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Ishita reveals Pihu's Secret to Raman"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Ishita reveals Pihu's Secret to Raman"

    Ruhi tells that Now I know what are you doing there is something related to us Your Kids You can do anything for your Children tell is Param blackmailing you over me or something related to Adi Bhaiya?

    Ishita Shouts on Ruhi That You Should Stay In her limits You are Still Kid You Should work or Go for Party You Stay Away from me.
    Ruhi Gets Hurt and She tells her that I won't Stay Away You are My Mother and This is My responsibility to Look after you I cant See you Like this.

    Ishita Bursts on her that You leave Doubt on Raman’s Mind and You Saw what he did he beat him to death what will happen if Police Arrest Him You Know Its My Mistake I think I will be there for you as friend But You are so spoiled now go away from here.

    Raman Listens to All This from Outside.
    Ruhi comes to Room and She is Angry Raman comes and consoles her and He tells her that he will do everything okay.
    Shravan comes to Room and He writes in His diary about Aditya because he won't get to sleep if he won't tells anything he is Scared that Raman Uncle is so Angry now So He Starts writing in dairy Madhavi comes and tells him to go to Sleep.

    Morning :

    Pihu’s teacher call on ishita’s Phone and he takes her phone who informed him that Pihu is Sick After she gets her cousin’s Call Raman Gets Alert. Raman Asks Who called Pihu Teacher Tells That Its Kshitija. Raman is Surprised.
    Madhavi comes and wakes up Sharavan and he wakes up and She Makes Him bed and gets Dairy below the Pillow But Sharvan makes her go away from Room and takes Back His Dairy.
    Raman takes Kshitija for ice cream and he asks her what you talked to Pihu she gets Hesitate But Raman Asks her to Tell him without any fear.
    She tells Him That She told Pihu about Your and Param Uncle’s Fight She also tells That After Fight Param Uncle came home and He was Talking to Himself that if she can tell he will tell Pihu’s Secret to everyone.
    Kshitija tells Raman that She asks Pihu what is the Secret But She Cuts My Call.
    Raman tells her to go home and he decides to ask Ishita about His he comes Home and Mrs. Bhalla asks him where was he? But he goes inside without even listen to anything.
    Simmi about to go behind him but Mr.Bhalla Stops Her she is so curious to Know.
    Raman comes to Ishita and asks her what is the Secret Param is Hiding and I know You are Living Her about to Ignore but he informs her that Pihu has fever After Listen about Me and Param.
    She gets Shock and Burst on Him that why didn’t you tell me Did Param talked to her she about to Go Out But Raman Stops Him and Narrates her about Kshitija and Pihu’s talk.
    Ishita Still denies But Raman Gives her his Seward He takes her hand on his head and tells her to Reveal what is she hiding.
    He tells her that he will Go Mad Ishita tells that Pihu did a mistake he tells her that he will undo all Mistake She asks Him did you bring back Annaya
    He Asks Her what is Related to Ananya She Reveals that It was Pihu who accidentally pushed Ananya from Stairs not me and Raman remembers how Param asked Ananya and ishita comes Forward.

    Raman gets a huge shock when he learns this truth. She tells him that she has taken the blame on her to save Pihu from Simmi’s anger. She knows Simmi will never forgive Pihu and shower hatred on her. She tells Raman that they have to hide this truth from everyone. Raman asks Ishita why did she hide this from him.

    She tells him the terrible situation they were in. She was helpless to deal with the matter alone. Raman feels bad that he failed to help Pihu. He apologizes to her. He blames himself. He feels guilty over Pihu’s state. Simmi also learns the big truth about Ananya’s accident happened by Pihu. Simmi turns revengeful and wants to get Pihu arrested at any cost.

    Mrs. Iyer learns about Adi and Roshni’s affair after reading Shravan’s diary. Shravan was helpless to write down the matter in his diary when he wasn’t able to share it with anyone. She doesn’t believe it. She wants to confront Shravan for the nonsense. She feels Adi can never cheat Aaliya. Shagun meets her and gets to know about Adi’s affair. Shagun doubts on Adi. She tells her that Shravan may not be wrong, it can true that Shravan has written what he has seen. She assures to find the truth. She doesn’t want to trouble Raman and Ishita till they find out the reality..

    PRECAP : 

    Raman And Ishita talk about Pihu they talk that they have to Save  Pihu from Param .Simmi Listen All Truth And She talks with Param and That She wont leave Pihu.

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