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  • Thursday, 10 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Ishita Slaps Raman"

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Ishita Slaps Raman"

    The episode starts with Sharvan comes to Same Mobile and He Distract Owner and Takes Photo of Aditya’s Mobile and Address he written on it.

    There Ruhi meets with Smiriti and She takes the pics which Smiriti have taken with Param Some Selfies and Some Pics where Param and she were drinking.
    Smiriti leaves and Param comes Ruhi meets with Param and asks why are you looking Upset aren’t your Date went well?
    Param gets Shocked and asks her what are you talking about what date ?

    She says I Know your truth let me remind you Dating Site Single Status She tells him That I have From Where you are coming Let me show you something she shows same photos.
    She Threatens him that I will send these pics to Simmi Bua and then She will Get to Know that You are Cheater.

    He Tells her that Simmi won’t believe you I can make her Fool in second she won't Believe you Now Your Photo Drama is totally waste.
    There Ishita is talking to Ruhi and She is asking her whereabouts But Ruhi Hangs up phone and Ishita gets upset Raman tells her that She wants some Independent.

    He tells her that He is also a child and He needs to Grow Up He makes Plan to Go for Ice-Cream and He tells her to get Ready He is waiting in Car.
    There Ruhi asks Param That Why he is Blackmailing Ishi Maa. He denies that I am Not Blackmailing her.
    Ruhi Shouts on Him That Stop This Drama And Tell me Why are you Blackmailing My Ishi Maa She Shouts so Loud and Raman hears This.
    He comes Near them and Tells Ruhi to Stop He Slaps Param and Grabs His Collar and Gives him punches and asks him why he is Blackmailing my wife.
    Ishita comes and seperates them But Raman is No Mood To Listen He is Beating him so Hard Ruhi tells Ishita that you don’t need to Scare from Him he will tell why he is Blackmailing You.
    Ishita gets Scared that what if Param will Reveal That Pihu is the One Behind Annaya’s Death Not Me She Rushes to them and again tries to Stop Raman But He is No Mood to Listen.
    Ishita Shouts on Raman That He is Not Blackmailing Me Raman Shouts on  Him Open Your Mouth Param Tells That If I did Your World Will Get Upside down.
    Raman comes forward and Ishita Accidently Slaps Him on His Face He gets Shocked and Ishita comes with tears in eyes and Tells Him That I told you he is not blackmailing me why can’t you listen to me.

     Raman gets hell shock and questions Ishita she slapped him for Param.Adi drops Roshni to her house and confesses love to Roshni, he asks Roshni if she doesn’t feel the same for him, Roshni cries and Adi also cries, they both depart while Shravan was watching them and learns Adi having affair with Roshni as the address is same.

    Ishita repents of what she did with Raman in anger, Raman comes and questions why Param is blackmailing her, Ishita joins hand and requests him to spare her she doesn’t want to say anything.Raman thinks definitely there is something she is hiding from him, Simmi overhears Raman Ishita and comes to Param she questions why Raman beat him, Param hides that he know Pihu’s secret, while Simmi thinks what Param is hiding from her.

    Ruhi comes to Mihika where Mihika tells Ruhi that maybe there is something related to Ruhi, Pihu, and Adi that’s why Ishita is silent.Ruhi decides to confront Ishita, Ishita is tensed Ruhi comes and questions Ishita about truth, Ishita refuses to tell anything.

    PREACP : Raman tells Ishita that Tell  me otherwise I will go Mad She tells him that Annaya’s Died Because of Pihu Not Because of me. Paran Knows this and He told me that He will expose pihu and then Simmi wont forgive pihu because her daughter is dead.

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