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  • Thursday, 10 May 2018

    Simmi Joins Hand With Ishita-Raman For Pihu's Case Yeh Hai Mohabbatein UMT 10th May Video WU

    Simmi Joins Hand With Ishita-Raman For Pihu's Case Yeh Hai Mohabbatein UMT 10th May Video WU

    Soon we will See courtroom Drama in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and for that Simmi Joins Hands with Raman and ishita and She is Ready to Help Them.

    When Raman came to Know About Annaya’s Death and Pihu’s fear Regarding this He is determined to Take Out Pihu’s fear That’s why
    Raman-Ishita-Simmi comes to Lawyer’s office to discuss the Case.

    Lawyer Tells to Raman That if this Case will Open I have Already arranged everything and About Pihu’s Presence She won’t Need to come to Court and I have Already got Court’s order over this.

    But Ishita is worried for Pihu if this Case will Open this will directly Effect to Pihu’s condition.
    Lawyer assures ishita that your Case is very strong and I suggest you go ahead as we all know Pihu’s Mental condition.
    Ishita asks Lawyer that If we open this case again will there any trouble for Pihu again?

    Lawyer assures her that there won’t be any problem for Pihu
    Actually, Raman and Ishita want to prove Annaya’s Death as Accident in Court and Pihu did that Accident without any intentions She was innocent and for that, they Need Simmi’s vote in their Favor.
    The lawyer gives Simmi her Confession in writing so that She can rehearse But Simmi tells that She Knows the truth So She doesn’t need this Written Confession she wants to do this for pihu because she Knows Pihu can never hurt anybody and that was Accident.
    They come out of lower room and Raman Hugs Simmi and Thanks to her for Help Ishita and Raman Goes and Simmi Follows her But She Stands and Looks at them and Crosses her Hand.She has Smile on her Face.

    Is Simmi faking all this and she will turn the table in the Court What will Happen Next Stay Tune and Must watch this Segment

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