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  • Sunday, 13 May 2018

    Shivaay-Anika's Ice-cream Party with Family Dadi's Fake Friend's Entry Ishqbaaaz SBB 13th May Video WU

    Shivaay-Anika's Ice-cream Party with Family Dadi's Fake Friend's Entry Ishqbaaaz SBB 13th May Video WU

    Segment Start with Dadi is Not in The Oberoi Mansion and One Lady come to Know this and She enters in-house as Dadi’ Friend and She Introduced herself as her old friend and She would Like to wait for Dadi to come because She came from another city.

    She hears All The name and quickly picks up the name and tells Shivaay-Anika, Omkara-Gauri, Rudra-Bhavya that Dadi told her about them.
    After she Settles In the Hosue She Starts her Main work She makes Ice-cream for everyone and They all get Excited because Ice cream is Homemade and They all love ice-cream especially its Summers.

    Anika-Bhavya-Gauri’s Interview: Anika Says That One Guest has come to our House Gauri Says That She is Dadi’s friend as we know and we are Fool that We Believed So Easily She Says She is Feeding So Tasty Food.

    We Never Know that you can mix wheat floor in ice cream because we Know How to Eat Not How to make.
    Dadi’s Friend interview: I made them Fool By Picking Up their Names and Told them that I am Your Dadi’s friend
    In Between their Ice-Cream Party, Khanna Comes with Rudra’s Phone which was Lost and Khanna Tells that He found this Phone in Dadi’s Friend’s things.

    She makes Excuses that She herself took the Electronic gadgets From Rudra so He can Sleep On Time Not Engrossed in Phone.
    Shivaay Looks in The Phone and Everyone get convinced in her fake Story.
    She tells In her interview: She Knows That Dadi is Not at House so She Entered in-house with a Purpose she was Caught But She Made an excuse and Get Clear.
    She tells That You will get To Know How She will Make them Fool by her cooking and other things.

    In SBS She is Helping Rudra or torturing him we will update soon

    Stay tuned and Must watch this segment

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