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  • Monday, 21 May 2018

    Sameer Makes Naina Jealous Naina Runs Away With His Shoes Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai SBAS/SBB 21st May Video WU

    Sameer Makes Naina Jealous Naina Runs Away With His Shoes Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai SBAS/SBB 21st May Video And Written Update.

    Segment Start with Naina is So Happy That Sameer is Also Doing His Dance Rehearsal with her and Her Friends But Soon her Happiness turns to Jealousy when She Happily comes Forward to Dance with Sameer.

    He Changes his Dance Moves to goes to Other Girl and Dances with her. One By One He Dances with Everygirl Except Naina Preeti Notices this and asks Naina She Just Stares Sameer with Anger.
    Sameer Also Sees her Anger But He continues Dances with her Friends.

    Naina has enough of his ignorance She goes where all the Students left their Shoes She Picks Sameer Shoes and goes to Music System and Turns off the Music.
    Sameer and Others Stop and Sameer Look back at her She Asks (which is Mute By Reporter ) Him for Dance But He Denies that He will Dance everyone But Not with her.

    She gets Angrier But Without Saying Anything She leaves the Room with Sameer’s Shoes and He Looks at her with Stunned Expression Now he has to go without in Sun without Shoes.
    Naina teaches him good Lesson without any verbal Fight Now Next time he will think before pulling out any stunt to ignore her.

    Naina’s Interview with SBAS: So Much time Left In My and Sameer’s Marriage so No Joota Chupayi Ritual (Lol Ashi You are so Funny ) He Troubled me So Much and He is Still doing with me So this is Revenge Time.
    When Reporter asks About Sameer’s Anger Reason She Laughs That Its Small “Manhoos” That Small Thing He is angry because of that.
    Sameer’s Interview with SBB: He Says That This All Dance Sequence for Mr. and Ms. Fresher and I told Naina that I won’t Dance with her in Front of everyone.
    When Reporter Asks Him On which Song he will Perform He Says That I have Dream and I want to Dance on O..oo Jaane Jaana But There is So much Time left for that.

    What will Sameer Do Now Will He Shout on Naina for running Away with his Shoes?

    Must Watch Both Segments



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