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  • Thursday, 31 May 2018

    Raman's Fight With Goons For Ishita,She Cries for Raman Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBB/UMT 31st May Video WU

    Raman's Fight With Goons For Ishita,She Cries for Raman Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBB/SBAS 31st May Video WU

    Segment Start With Roshni was craving for Chinese Food and Ishita brings her to Restaurant But Just then Raman enters in the Same Restaurant with his Girlfriend Tanya and When Raman Sees Ishita there he intentionally gets Close to Tanya and Makes Ishita Jealous.

    Ishita Avoids Looking at Raman Because She Knows Raman is Doing all this to make her Feel Jealous When Raman Sees Ishita is not Effecting by all this He talks Loudly with Tanya So that Ishita will Listen and He tells Tanya that He wants her to Feed him with her Hands.

    Roshni comes from the Washroom and Them about to Leave But Tanya tells Ishita ‘Behanji’ Ishita insults Both Raman and Tanya and Leaves.
    Some Goons commented On Ishita and Raman who was already angry because of ishita Stands Up and Goes to them and He takes Bottle in His hand and broke on Goon’s Head and Kicks Him and his friends.

    Hotel Staff Control Raman and Tanya Burst out her anger that if You Hate Ishita then Why are you Doing all this.
    He Still tells her that he Hates her.
    There Ishita and Roshni Reach Home and ishita comes to her Room and Cries hard.
    She was Holding Her Tears because She didn’t want to Cry In front of Roshni.

    She While Crying and remembering Raman’s word takes out her Clothe in Anger and After Taking Out All her Anger and frustration She Sits and thinks About Raman.
    Why is Raman Making ishita Jealous is this his New Plan to Torture ishita? What is Tanya's Motive to Roam around with Raman? We will Update Soon Stay Tune in and Must watch Both Segments



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