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  • Thursday, 31 May 2018

    Raman Makes Ishita jealous Ishita Bursts Her Anger on Raman Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBS 31st May Video WU

    Raman Makes Ishita jealous Ishita Bursts Her Anger on Raman Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBS 31st May Video WU

    Segment Start with Roshni and Ishita come to One Restaurant and Raman comes with One Day And He Sees Ishita is Sitting Roshni Goes to the washroom.

    Raman Sits with That Lady In front of Ishita and He Intentionally Holds her hand makes her Sit Close to Him so that He can make ishita Jealous.
    Raman Gets Successful because ishita is Fuming Seeing Raman is Holding her Hand.

    To add More Fuel in Fire Raman tells That lady That he Can do anything for whom he loves and When he Hates Someone He will Hate Like Anything.
    He tells that lady to Feed him with her own hands And She Feeds him and He is Faking this to Make Her More Jealous.
    Roshni and Ishita complete their Lunch and they Stand Up to Go But Ishita hears that Lady talks About her and Raman’s Relationship and She Goes to them and Rest her hands on their Table Raman is behaving that She Doesn’t Exist.

    She tells Raman That if you are thinking that I am affecting with this then let me tell You and this Girl Who is Roaming with You When She Knows You are Already Married Raman Stops Eating and Looks at her.
    Ishita continues that This Type of Girls will Still Roam Around People Like You and with that She Leaves from there But Some Goons commented on ishita But She is Already Out Raman hears those comments and He goes to them and Beats Them So hard.

    That Lady comes to Raman And Shouts How Can You Fight with them Like this You did all this drama for your Ex-wife but You Say That You Hate Her.
    Raman Says Yes I hate Her and With That, He Leaves Her too and Storms Out.

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