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  • Wednesday, 23 May 2018

    Raman Becomes Devdas in Ishita's Memory Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBD 23rd May Video And WU

    Raman Becomes Devdas in Ishita's Memory Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBD 23rd May Video And Written Update

    Segment Start with Raman has Alcohol bottle in his hand and He is Sitting on Couch thinking About Ishita and The Time he Spent with her.

    He Drinks Directly from Bottle and Liquid goes throw to his throat he feels the Bitterness One Photo Frame of Ishita Him and their Kids Glass broken of Photo frame on the Floor.
    He Stands up and Throws the bottle on the Floor in anger and its Break into pieces just like his life is broken in pieces.

    He is Helpless and Angry on Ishita Because She Chose Roshni Over Her own Son and She left everything Behind and Moved with Roshni.
    On the Other Side He is taking out His Anger on His Kids He comes to Know That Pihu Went to meet Ishita and she Neglected his Warning He Told her not to meet ishita Still She Disobeyed his command and went to her house.

    He goes to Pihu’s Room and Gives her Punishment He locked her in the Room and comes out When Ruhi comes to tell him to Take her Out He Lashes out on her that Leave this Room and Don’t teach me what to do and what Not.

    Ruhi Shouts Back That You can’t Punish Pihu for this Ishi Maa is Her Mother and Only She can Give Love to Pihu She Needs Love Not you Anger and She is So Small to understand your Anger Don’t ruin her life with your anger.
    Raman Doesn’t listen to her and Throw her out of his Room.

    What will Raman do Will he Continue to Drink to forget ishita or He will take out His Anger on His Kids to forget Ishita ?

    Stay Tune in for more update,Spoilers, Upcoming Story, Tv Segments and Fan-fiction on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Must watch this Segment

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