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  • Tuesday, 22 May 2018

    Pregnancy Confusion Shivaay-Omkara-Rudra's Secret Pub Party To Forget Pregnancy Ishqbaaaz SBAS 22nd May Video WU

    Pregnancy Confusion Shivaay-Omkara-Rudra's Secret Pub Party To Forget Pregnancy  Ishqbaaaz SBAS 22nd May Video WU

    Segment Start with Rudra is In Pub and He is Enjoying With One Girl he is Drunk and He is Dancing with A Girl.

    Omkara and Rudra come to the Same Pub and Omkara Shows Rudra’s Pic to Bar Men and asks About Rudra and He Shows Them That Rudra is Dancing with that Girl They Get Shocked to See Rudra is with One Girl.

    They come to Him and Stop Him He Looks at both and Shouts on Them That he is not Partying He is trying to Forget His Sorrows Today is His Last Day of Enjoyment Let him Enjoy and He Starts Crying So Loudly and Lay down on Couch and Cries again.

    Shivaay and Omkara Look at Each Other and asking Each Other What Happened to Him.
    They Ask Him That They were so Stressed and You are doing Your Drama here But He is Still In the same Condition,
    They Help Him to Stand and They take One one Glass water and Throw on His Face So that He Can Come Out of His State.

    Actually, There is One confusion at House that Bhavya is going to Be Mother and Rudra who Still thinks Himself as Kid Couldn’t handle this news and He came to Pub to Get Drunk and Digest This truth that he is Going to Be Father Soon.
    Rudra-Omkara’s Interview: Omkara Says How They were panicked when they didn’t find Rudra at Home SO they Thought May Be He Switched Back to His Old Character and They came to Search Him
    Rudra Says That He Got News That His wife is Pregnant so He got Panicked that’s why He wanted to Forget his Sorrows and He came to Pub for Party.

    Some Scene where Shivaay is Also Dancing on Same Song Reporter Said That They have confusion that their wives are Pregnant so they want to Forget thats why they are Dancing At this Pub.

    Why Shivaay is consoling Anika?

    We will Update Soon Stay Tune and Must Watch This Segment

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