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  • Thursday, 10 May 2018

    Neil's Major Guilt After Separating Avni and Mowgli Upcoming Story 10th May Spoilers

    Neil's Major Guilt After Separating Avni and Mowgli  Upcoming Story 10th May Spoilers

    Naamkaran is Going to off-air soon and Along with Zain and Aditi Mahesh Bhatt comes forward to Give Message to fans so now even after huge efforts from Fans Naamkarann is Going to Pull off.

    When Show is So Near to Climax makers want to Give a Happy Ending to show that’s why they come with their Almost last twist in the show.
    Soon in the upcoming week, we will see an emotional twist in the storyline as Neil will end up winning the custody battle and Avni will have to give up Mowgli to Neil.

    We have seen How Avni made a strong and emotional appeal in court that Mowgli should be with her as she is strong enough to take care of him. And In The Precap we have seen Judge will Announce Fithe nal Verdict Today Which will Be in Neil’s Favour as Mowgli should be under Neil’s custody as he will get a stable family.

    This Verdict will Leave Avni shattered as She will have to send Mowgli away From her to Khanna’s house.
    Neil On the other hand will feel Avni’s pain as she has to separate from her Son Mowgli. But Neil will welcome Mowgli in his house with so Much Joy but Mowgli will Miss his Mother Like Hell and He will fall terribly ill on his first night in Neil’s house.

    Neil will call Avni for Help she will Rush to Neil’s House and will take care of Mowgli and She will Lash out On Neil Too for Not Reading do and don’t Notes. Neil will apologies and will realize that Mowgli cannot live without his mother and he will have a change of heart.

    We Love To Inform Our Readers that Soon You will Witness Below Picture Scene We will Update You About This Scene Soon

    Will Neil hand over Custody Back to Avni? Stay tuned for more updates, Spoilers, Upcoming Stories and Tv Segments

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