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  • Tuesday, 1 May 2018

    Naamkarann 1st May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Neil Avni's Fight at Court "

    Naamkarann 1st May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Neil Avni's Fight at Court "

    Neil accuses Avni of turning Mogli against him by filling hatred in Mogli's heart for him. Neil tells Avni how Mogli misbehaved and yet Avni is claiming that Mogli is well raised. Neil blames Avni for turning him a villain for Mogli. Avni tells Neil that Mogli is a kid and is hurt and confused after Neil and Avni's fight. Avni says Mogli is sensitive.

     Avni tells Neil that Mogli can never be happy without her, Neil will ruin Mogli for his quench of revenge on her. Avni asks Neil to remember how he was raised and then think of Mogli. In the night, Mogli remembers Neil's behavior with him, he cries and hugs Avni. He asks Avni to never go away from him, Avni promises that she will never send Mogli away from her. Avni puts Mogli to sleep and cries. In the morning, Avni gets to know about more couples approaching for the adoption, the lawyer tells Avni that he has checked everything.

     In the court, the Judge asks how can Mogli stay away from Avni when he has spent 10 years with only his mother, Neil's lawyer says Neil can give better life and better comfort to Mogli. Neil says he has been away from Mogli for 10 years and now wants to spend time with him. Neil says Avni hid Mogli from him, but now it is full right to raise his son. Avni says she agrees that Neil can give better life and comforts to Mogli, but she wants to know some answers from Neil to know if Neil can raise Mogli. 

    She asks Neil about Mogli's favorite stuff, what things make Mogli feel better when he is sick, which are things Mogli is allergic to, and what makes Mogli upset or happy and what is Mogli's fear. Neil gets speechless. Avni says he has all the answers and knows everything about him. Avni says no one can know Mogli better than her and she can turn him into a better person. Avni says custody should not be given only for the comforts but for who understands the child better.

    Avni says she has performed her duty well while Neil is not even ready for taking his responsibility. Neil says how Avni can say Neil cannot take responsibility, as till now he did not even know that he has a son. The lawyers fight. Neil says Mogli has been raising Mogli as an orphan, Avni says now Mogli knows the whole truth and reason of Avni hiding it from him. Neil says Avni cannot take Mogli away from him. Judge extends the case till the next date. outside the court, Avni stops Neil and tells him not to take Mogli away from him as Mogli can never be happy without her. avni pleads to Neil, he pays no attention to her. Avni breaks down. Avni comes to know that Prakash has hired the lawyer, Avni calls him, Prakash gives her courage, Avni shows her gratitude for being with her in the turbulent times. Neil feels sad to have missed Mitali's awar function and takes her out for lunch. Avni checks the adoption papers, Avni says she wants to meet Neetu, the lawyer gets worried and informs Kamini. Kamini tells him to keep Avni involved in other matters. Kamini tells the lawyer to keep Avni engaged in mogli's worry. A man eyes Mogli while the kids play in the park.


    The goon informs Kamini about Mogli, she tells him to follow her instructions. Mogli's ball lands near the goon, Avni looks for Mogli.The goon grabs Mogli.

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