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  • Wednesday, 16 May 2018

    Naamkarann 16th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Neil Learns Avni's Truth Cries for her."

    Naamkarann 16th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Neil Learns Avni's Truth Cries for her."

    Episode Start with Neil reaches the location and Kamini tells her goons to tie up Neil. Neil beats up the goons while Kamini ties Mowgli back to the chair. Neil gets the revolver in his hand and points the gun at Kamini. Kamini tells Neil that Avni must have already surrendered herself to the police. 

    Avni tells Mitali that Kamini is innocent and she sold off Jeetu for money. The Policeman reaches the location and Neil tells them that Kamini had kidnapped her son. Mitali asks Avni whether she is in some trouble and she will help her out. Avni says that she is involved in the child trafficking racket. 

    Neil reaches the police station and says that Avni has given her statement in pressure and she is innocent. Kamini say that they don’t have any proof against her. Neil shows the recording of her statement where she admits her crime. Neil asks Mitali why dint she call him if she doubted that Avni was in trouble. Avni says that it is not Mitali’s fault. Mitali says that it good that Mowgli is safe.

    Avni cries hugging Mowgli. Mowgli gets back to Neil’s house. Shweta asks how is KK and Saisha and Avni says that KK is not able to believe his mother’s deeds. Prakash congratulates Avni for risking herself for her loved ones. Avni says that she has to leave. Mowgli hugs Avni and Avni cries. 

    Avni tells Mowgli that he has to stay with his papa and everyone will love him in this house. Avni says that she will keep coming to meet him. Avni is about to leave but Neil stops her. Neil tells Avni that Mowgli will never be happy without her. Neil apologizes to Avni and tells Avni that Mowgli belongs to her more than him. Neil says that he will give Mowgli’s legal custody to her. Neil tells Avni that she is a strong independent woman and Mowgli is lucky to have her as his mother. Neil tells Avni that he will always be with her and she can reach out to him for help. Neil tells Mowgli that he can go with his mother but he has to come to his house whenever he wants to play with him. Avni thanks Neil and Neil hugs her. Avni says that she will pray for him and Mitali and their married life will go very well. Avni leaves and Mitali asks Neil whether he will be happy without Mowgli. Neil says that Mowgli is happy with Avni. Later, Avni asks Mowgli to go to sleep. Prakash comes to meet Avni. Prakash tells Avni that Neil should return to her just like Mowgli. Avni says that it is too late now and she is divorced with Neil. Prakash says that their relation cannot break because of what is written on a paper. Avni says that her and Neil’s paths are different now. Avni says that Mitali is Neil’s responsibility now. Prakash bids goodbye to Avni. Avni recalls how Vidyut had given injection to Prakash and asked him to shoot Neil but Neela came in the way. Avni thinks that everything would be different if Neil knew the truth. Avni thinks that she can never let the truth be known. Police comes to Saisha’s house and gives her Vidyut’s belongings. Saisha sees the belongings and finds a photo frame which has Avni picture and Vidtyut’s love confession. Saisha finds a memory chip in the photo frame. Shweta tells Neil that he made a good decision by sending away Mowgli with Avni and now he should start a new life with Mitali. Saisha comes to meet Neil and Neil asks her if everything is alright. Saisha says that if someone is innocent then they should not be punished. Saisha shows Neil the memory card and says that it is the story of Avni’s sacrifice for them. Neil sees the video where Vidyut asks Prakash to shoot Neil and he shoots Neela. Neil thinks that Avni knew this truth and she went away to save his family.

    Precap: Avni tells Neil that he has made a promise to Mitali and he has to fulfill it. Neil tells Avni that he has come to take her and Mowgli back home.

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