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  • Monday, 14 May 2018

    Naamkarann 14th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Neil Avni Take Care of Mowgli Together"

    Naamkarann 14th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Neil Avni Take Care of Mowgli Together"

    Avni tells Neil that she is sorry and she should not have yelled. Neil says that he will make a list and he will give the list to Mitali too. Avni says that it is time for Mowgli’s sponge bath and says she is his mother and knows what he need.

     Neil and Avni together sponge Mowgli. Avni cries and Neil assures Avni that Mowgli will be fine. Prakash tells Shweta that Mowgli has stayed with Avni for 10 years and suddenly he has to stay without his mother. Shweta says that Mowgli likes them a lot and he will get used to staying with them. 

    Shweta says that Mowgli will live with them only and she wants to see him grow up. Mitali calls Shweta and she tells her that Neil is with Mowgli as he is unwell. Avni tells Neil that Mowgli’s fever is reducing. Mitali comes there and asks Neil that why didn’t he inform her that Mowgli is unwell. Mitali asks Neil how they can stay together as a family. Neil tells Mitali that they have to give Mowgli time to adjust. Avni tells Sunehri on the phone that Mowgli is fine and she will return home soon.

    Neil thanks Avni for coming so late in the night and helping them with Mowgli. Avni taunts Neil that he showed her position to her. Avni tells Neil that he should not have taken away Mowgli from her. Avni tells Neil that he has given her the biggest pain and she will never forgive him. 

    Avni says that he has taken his revenge by taking away her son from her. Later, Avni falls asleep beside Mowgli. Neil also falls asleep on the chair and when he opens his eyes, he sees Avni and lies beside her and Mowgli on the bed. Mitali sees the three of them together. Next morning, Mitali once again sees Neil and Avni together with Mowgli. Neil asks Mitali to come in. Mitali asks about Mowgli’s health. Avni says that she has to leave. Mowgli gets sad so Avni tells him that she will keep coming to meet him. Avni leaves and Mitali comes after her. Mitali tells Avni that she will have to go far away from Neil’s life. Avni says she is already divorced with Neil. Mitali tells Avni that she herself asked her to start a new life with Neil but Neil is never with her. Mitali says he is all alone. Avni says that she came there only because of Mowgli’s health. Mitali says that they can take care of Mowgli. Avni says that she is Mowgli’s mother and no one can stop her from coming over if Mowgli is sick. Avni says that she is not interested in her or Neil’s life and only cares for Mowgli. Kamini says she will not spare Avni. Neil tells Mowgli that he will drop him from school. Avni asks Samrat on phone whether he reached boarding school. Sunehri gives credit to Avni for Samrat’s progress. Avni says that Samrat will come back but Mowgli will never be back. Sunehri says that they will take good care of him. Avni remembers Mitali’s words. Avni worries that Mowgli will learn to live without her. Neil brings Mitali out for coffee. Mitali asks why he got her on coffee date and Neil says to make up for past mistakes. Neil says that Bebe and Shweta have chosen Bali and Switzerland for their honeymoon. Mitali says that they will go to Bali as she loves beaches. Neil says that Mowgli will enjoy on the beach. Mitali gets annoyed.  Neil realizes that he has to pick up Mowgli and rushes away. A goon sees Mowgli and meets him. Goon tells Mowgli that his mother has come to pick him up and she is in the taxi. The goon kidnaps Mowgli.

    Precap: Avni says that all this is being done by Kamini Kapoor.

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