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  • Friday, 11 May 2018

    Naamkarann 11th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Mowgli Falls Sick Avni Bursts her anger on Neil

    Naamkarann 11th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Mowgli Falls Sick Avni Bursts her anger on Neil 

    Episode Start Avni Hugs Mowgli and With Heartbroken Heart She tells Mowgli to Go with You Papa.Neil Gives Hand to Mowgli who doesn’t take his hand and Goes Out. Neil gets hurt But he Gives Smile and Takes His Bag All the Children Bid bye to Mowgli and Avni runs way in her room with tears in Her Eyes.

    She sits on the Floor and Cries Sunhari comes to her and She shares her pain with Sunehri. She cries in front of her that She Knows that Neil will give him all the love and Soon He will forget me and I will be alone forever.

    Sunari consoles her that God is seeing You Three and Your Story is not Finished yet. Avni cries and tells her that I Lost from the society whom I was fighting for so much time.

    Neil gets Mowgli home. Mowgli greets everyone well to keep up Avni’s name and respect and he takes everyone blessings.

     Neil asks Mowgli to call him Papa and feel like home. He shows the decorated room to Mowgli. Mowgli misses out Avni’s pictures in the room. He changes the room and redecorates the room with Avni’s pictures.

    Prakash finds Mowgli’s love for Avni by seeing the lovely pictures of mother-son duo. He asks Mowgli to share his problems with him. Mowgli promises him. Prakash also wishes for Neil and Avni’s union. Neil gets to see Avni’s pictures on the walls. He holds his cool for Mowgli’s sake. He doesn’t want to be unjust with Mowgli. Neil takes Mowgli for having lunch with them. Mowgli gets talking about Avni all the time.

    Mitali understands Mowgli missing Avni much. Neil tries to get close to Mowgli’s heart. Shweta pampers Mitali with love. Mowgli gets Mitali’s service revolver. He assumes it to be a toy. Neil gets worried when he spots Mowgli with the gun. He tells Mowgli that its not a toy. He then yells on Mitali for being so careless and leaving the gun unattended, knowing a kid is living with them now. He shouts on her, getting panicking for Mowgli’s safety. Mitali apologizes to Neil. Avni misses Mowgli. She avoids food. She tells Sunehri that Mowgli has gone away from her, now she has no fear haunting her. She asks Sunehri not to worry for her. She stays occupied in work.

    Mowgli misses Avni. He gets scared in darkness. He gets high fever. Neil realizes Mowgli has fallen sick. He worries for Mowgli’s health. Avni gets restless sensing Mowgli in trouble. Mowgli demands Neil to call Avni home or take him to Avni. Avni calls up Neil to know about Mowgli’s well being. She apologizes to disturb him at night. Neil informs Avni about Mowgli‘s fever. She gets worried for her son. Avni comes home to see Mowgli. She gets angry on Neil and Mitali for neglecting Mowgli. Neil clarifies that he didn’t know about Mowgli’s allergies. Avni stays back with Mowgli to look after him. Neil realizes his mistake. He helps Avni and cares for Mowgli. She blames him for snatching her son to take his revenge. Destiny will be playing cupid to unite the lovers soon.


      Precap: Avni tells Neil That I thought you are Someone them who understood me But You Snatch my child and took your revenge on me. Mitali tells Avni to go away from Neil’s Life Avni replies Mitali that she is going to be Neil’s wife but she can never by Mowgli’s mother as she is Mowgli’s mother.

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