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  • Saturday, 5 May 2018

    Mowgli is Sick Neil Avni To Sleep Together with Mowgli U me Tv 5th May Video WU

    Mowgli is Sick Neil Avni To Sleep Together with Mowgli U me Tv 5th May Video WU

    Segment Start with Mowgli is Sick and He has Fever Because He Ate allergic food and Now His fever is Getting High and High So He Calls Avni to come to his House.

    Avni Reaches Khanna House in No Time and Neil Already Arranged Basic Medical Help He Gives Thermometer to Avni Who Puts Inside Mowgli’s Mouth and Checks his temperature.
    Neil’s Full Family Present there and Mowgli is Also Happy That His Mother is Back to his Side and He Sleeps After that.

    Avni confronts Neil In front of his Family That She gave Him A List In which she Clearly Written Everything that Mowgli Eats In Day and Night Which Food is Allergic to Him But I know You didn’t even Care to Check That List.

    She has Tears In her eyes and She is Angry too She continues Lashing Him Out That If A Court Give Custody to Anyone It comes with Responsibility Too How Can be You are So irresponsible.
    Neil Says Sorry to Avni and Mowgli Too wakes up and Demands Avni to Sleep with him He tells Neil To Join Them on His Small Bed.

    Both Neil and Avni Holds His Hand and trio Sleep Together on Same Bed And Avni and Neil’s Head are So Close to Each Other.
    They are Looking Like a Perfect Family.
    Mitali who come to see Mowgli gets Shock to See Neil Avni and Mowgli on Same Bed and So Close too.
    Neil Looks at her and goes to her and Tells her Everything Mitali Gets Upset and leaves.
    Neil’s Interview: I forget to Read about Mowgli’s List and Now His Fever is getting High and High So She Blamed Me for Everything But Same Time we are Caring for him and He is Like Real Mowgli In Chaddi Chilling.

    What will Mitali do Now ? Will She Back off from Engagement and Play Cupid Must watch this Segment and Lets us Know Your Thoughts.

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