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  • Thursday, 31 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 31st May 2018 Episode Written Update"Shivika Trapped Abhimanyu In their Plan"

    Ishqbaaaz 31st May 2018 Episode Written Update"Shivika Trapped Abhimanyu In their Plan"

    Episode Start with Anika is Angry that She won’t Leave That Abhimanyu Gauri Curses Herself that She Should Understand That Time While taking a selfie.

    Bhavya comes to Room Shouting that He did a crime Anika Agrees that we should Expose him But Gauri Stops Them By telling them Reason Behind her Backing off Because Shivaay has Signed the Contract and His wife will make a Contract with Omkaraji and She can’t come in between So Please Don’t say anything to anyone.

    Bhavya and Anika Try their hard to make Gauri Understand That Women’s Dignity is above all Money and Business But Gauri Stays Firm and even Blackmail Anika with Giving her Kasam to Anika.
    Bhavya, Anika with Tears In Eye Agree with Gauri. Omkara Happily Announces His Merger with Rahejas.

    Anika comes out and Collide with Roshni Raheja, Anika threatens her that She won’t leave her Husband Roshni Acts Like She doesn’t Know Anika tells That When My Husband Shivaay will Know What You Husband did with My Sister He will Rip Apart your Husband and Before that I will Slap Your Husband take him away and get out from here.
    There Khanna Gives Party’s Footage to Shivaay for Sending To PR he Looks at Video Footage.

    Roshni tells Anika that his Husband is super Star So Many Girls Want to Do Affair with him and your Sister is one of them Anika asks what are you Saying Roshni Insults that May be Your Sister was at Fault Anika is So Angry On Roshni.
    Shivaay Looks in The Footage Abhimanyu is Molesting Gauri and He Remembers Anika was asking for Gauri Also How Gauri run away from Photoshoot.
    Shivaay breaks the Tab and Throws His Hair Wig and Walks towards Abhimanyu In Anger Anika reaches to Him and takes him to Corner He tells Anika that he won’t Leave Him But Anika tells him that Gauri doesn’t want this.
    Shivaay asks her why didn’t you tell me Anika Narrates him and Dadi her talk with Gauri.
    Shivaay is Angry and concerned for Gauri He tells Anika that we should tell Omkara But Anika is Not Okay with that Shivaay is Angry He tells that Someone come to My House and Molest My Sister and I will Stay quiet because of Society this won’t happen here.
    Anika tells him that I am Equal Angry Like You But I don’t want to Hurt Gauri More She is In Pain Just then Rudra comes and tells them to come Out Shivaay tells Him to Go Abhimanyu and Bhavya to go to Gauri.
    Omkara is Searching Gauri just then Omkara-Rudra Meet him and Distract Omkara.
    Anika tells Shivaay What Abhimanyu’s Wife Said She Blamed Gauri Shivaay tells that’s why I want to Punish Him for his Deeds.
    We should expose his Real face to the world.He is determined to Expose him and About to Go But Dadi Stops Him By Saying That This wound will get worse if we do anything People will talk about Gauri and our Clan.
    Shivaay Says that I don’t believe You are Saying this to us who taught us to Fight against Crime.
    Shivaay tries to make Anika and Dadi Realize that this is Our Society’s fault That person is Enjoying party after what he did and what Gauri is doing she is crying and Just Because What will Society think I Let him Go Easily.
    Anika tells Dadi I am with You and Gauri But also I am Agree with Shivaay to why Always Girl Suffer Why Always We girls are Responsible for family’s Reputation.
    Dadi is Agree with Shivika and Shivaay tells we will teach Him lesson and Expose him Dadi Asks How Did this will happen.
    Shivaay doesn’t want Gauri’s name to be dragged in the matter. He plans to expose Abhimanyu by concealing Gauri’s name.
    Abhimanyu is Flirting with One girl and offer her Film and tell her to Meet him at Mud island House
    He looks Behind That girl and Anika is Walking In Short Black Dress.
    Anika takes a disguise and meets Abhimanyu. He gets stunned with her appealing beauty. He easily gets trapped by Anika’s charm. Shivay gets sure that Abhimanyu’s sins will speak up his truth. Anika wears a spy cam to publicly expose Abhimanyu’s dirty character. Oberois will succeed to expose Abhimanyu.

    Precap : Shivaay connect’s Anika’s camera to Big Tv and people are watching Him Live On Tv Trying to Flirt with Anika and Asking Her to do Something For him.Anika Slaps Him and He Holds her By Shoulder Anika Shouts Media come and takes his Pictures.

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