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  • Wednesday, 2 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 2nd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika-Shivaay In front of Each Other"

    Ishqbaaaz 2nd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika-Shivaay In front of Each Other"

    Anika reaches the event venue and looks for Ms. Ramon's office. Shivaay's car troop coms in. Anika looks into the window to straighten up her look, Shivaay is seen busy with his phone and doesn't see her. Shivaay thinks he heard Anika's voice, but thinks he misunderstood, Anika's file falls, Shivaay turns but Anika bends down, they miss seeing each other. Anika goes to meet Ramona. News reporter praises Shivaay's team and its player Viraj Solanki. 

    Viraj Solanki is seen practicing with his teammates. Shivaay and Viraj's media interviews depict that both don't really like each other. Shivaay and Viraj come in front of each other, Viraj Solanki demands that his name must be on his jersey as he is bigger than the team, Shivaay says the team is always bigger than the player. Shivaay and Viraaj have their ego clashes. Shivaay tells Viraj that he bid for higher amount out of his stubbornness and not for Viraj.

     Shivaay tells Viraj to be in his limits. News reporter praises Shivaay. Another reporter tells Viraj that Shivaay is the star of their team, Viraj gets annoyed and decides to show Shivaay who is the real Star. Anika sees Ramona firing models, she sees Anika. Anika says she is there for the fashion show, Ramona says she is not at all fit for being model, Anika says she is there for the event work, Ramona thinks Anika back answered and tells her to leave.

     Anika tries to argue, Ramona tells her to leave. Ramona insults Anika, Ramona scolds her assistant who is taking juice for Viraj. Ramona tells Anika to take the juice to Viraj, Anika feels bad, Ramona gives her ultimatum, Anika remembers Sahil and takes the juice to Viraj.

    She looks for Viraj's room. Viraj is seen kickboxing angrily remembering Shivaay's words. Anika takes the juice to him, Viraj gets aggressive, Anika gets scared, the glass falls on the floor and breaks. Viraj screams at Anika, Viraj tells her to get lost. Suddenly Viraj thinks he has seen Anika earlier, Anika says she doesn't even know him. Viraj gets annoyed. Anika says she has no clue about the cricketers, Ramona comes and bashes Anika. She talks ill about middle-class girls. Viraj asks Ramona about Anika, he checks the phone and realizes who is Anika. Viraj decides to use Anika to show look down upon Shivaay. Ramona asks if anyone has checked the snow machine, her assistant gets worried as she has not checked it, Anika volunteers to check the machine. Viraj signals at Ramona and says Good job, FB shows Viraj tempering the machine. Anika looks or the machine and starts it, snow starts coming out of it, Anika gets confused and cannot stop it. Shivaay comes there and gets confused. Both come close to each other but cannot see each other, their fingers brush, they feel each other aroud. They are about to touch each other without knowing, suddenly Ramona calls Anika, Anika goes away. Shivaay looks for the person around. Roop screams at Pooja for not getting Shivaay, Pooja says Shivaay doesn't even look at her, but she will do it. Roop is seen getting hyper and crying. Pooja throws the phone and thinks as soon as Shivaay declares her as his wife, she will throw Roop out of the equation.

    PRECAP : Anika Sees Omkara-Gauri and Rudra-Bhavya and She Hides from Them and Suddenly Her Eyes Landed on Shivaay.

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