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  • Monday, 28 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 28th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Anika is not Pregnant Oberoi's Party In Retro Style "

     Ishqbaaaz 28th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Anika is not Pregnant Oberoi's Party In Retro Style "

    Episode Start with Anika comes to Shivaay and tells That She is Not Pregnant Shivaay becomes upset and Anika asks What happened to you? Aren’t you happy with this news?

    Shivaay tells With Heavy voice that I am Changed in Overnight I was Planning Our Little Anika’s Everything All My Hesitation and Fears are gone when I listen About Your Pregnancy Now I am feeling Anika Makes his Fun and Changes the Topic so that Shivaay don’t Feel Bad She hugs Him By Saying You were right happiness will come on right time.
    Anika Make His fun That You wanted to Be Cool Dad and I will be the Strict Mom they Laugh and Cry on Same Time in each-other's Arms

    Rudra Shouts and Gather Everyone in the Hall and tells them That One Good News Before that he Does Some Drama and teases Anika That Shivaay Lost A Deal because of Mirchi Dance and Anika tells Yes Because of Me Rudra tells that Shivaay got one New Deal Bigger than Before He will Make Mobile with Japanse company Everyone is Happy Gauri Makes Fun That He always broke Phones now he will make phones.

     SHivaay comes and asks What Happened?
    Omkara Hugs and Says Rudra is Right You are Superhero Family Business How You handle Every well He Says I have Best Family.
    Rudra Suggests For Party Dadi praises Shivaay and Kisses Him on Forehead. Everyone is Congratulating Shivaay, Omkara is Feeling Low Gauri asks hat Happened?

    He Shares That See Proud in Dadi’s eyes I will Never get to See Because of Me I Know Shivaay is Handling  Our Responsibility Very well I Just want to Erase Some Burden from Shivaay’s Shoulder Gauri consoles him that You are making Family Proud With your Art.
    He Says in Poet Mode that You can’t Sell My Art at Market Gauri Hugs him and Consoles him that One Day you will get everything with your Art.
    Shivaay comes and tells Same That One day People will get To Know Your Art.
    Shivaay Announces That We Must have Party and I will Introduce our Brand Ambassador Abhimanyu Raheja, Gauri and  Bhavya are So Excited Rudra Searches About Him and tells Bhavya and Gauri that He is Married and Have Two Children's too.
    He tells them that His wife Name is Roshni Raheja Omkara tells that She is the one of Biggest Artist of India Shivaay tells this is Super co-incident You can do Your art exhibition.
    Shivaay Suggest Party Theme Should Be On Abhimanyu’s New Film Based on 70’s Style.
    Later Shivaay, Anika, Omkara-Gauri, Rudra-Bhavya are Getting Ready in their 70’s Clothes and Hairs.
    At Party
    Shivaay Gives Rose to Anika and They Make An Entry to Party, Same with Rikara and Ruvya on Bechna-E-Hasino Song.
    Anika asks Shivaay why all are so Lazy Shivaay tells We come Na Now we will Rock the Party.
    They Start Dance on “Mil Gaya” SHivika.Rikara, Ruvya Dance on 2 Songs and Then Abhimanyu takes Entry with His wife and He too Dances with them.4
    Anika tries to Dance with Shivaay But he goes out to take Phone She sees him and gets Angry That he didn’t compliment me once.
    She comes and tries to get his attention She Falls on his Arms and He Insults her that if You aren’t Able to Walk in heels then why you wear Falling Everywhere She gets Angry But He continues on his Call.
    She Sends Him Her Selfie He Hangs up the Phone and asks her why are you sending me your Selfie?
    She Argues that You didn’t even compliment me Once He Says Oh its Nice Anika gets Happy But he Says I Compliment who are deserved She gets angry and Leaves.
    Shivaay Announces That Abhimanvy will be our Brand, Ambassador.
    Gauri is Smitten by Abhimanvy Bhavya praises About his wife and Anika is still Cursing Shivaay.
    Rudra is Saying to Omkara that My Bicep is bigger then him Omkara Stops Him and Says Whatever he is Getting More Attention then You Rudra thinks I will Show Him.
    Shivaay Introduce Abhimanvy to his family Except Rudra who is Showing off his Biceps.

    Precap : Shivaay is Searching Anika and He gets her Letter in which She has written that She is leaving this House.

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