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  • Tuesday, 1 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 1st May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Shivaay to Show His Hatred to Anika Show to take Leap "

    Ishqbaaaz 1st May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Shivaay to Show His Hatred to Anika Show to take Leap "

    Episode Start with The doctor informs Shivaay that Pinky is critical and asks ShivOmRu to complete formalities before her surgery. ShivOmRu worry for Pinky. Anika tells Chanda that everything is over between them. 

    Shivaay remembers the doctor and Gauri's words, he remembers Anika complaining against them. Anika feels Shivaay always chose his family above her. Shivaay sits next to Pinky and says he had told Anika to wait for him and to trust him, for Anika so that her father can be proved innocent, he kept getting blackmailed by Roop, for Anika. But Anika broke his trust, he blames Anika for all the mess. 

    Anika says Shivaay can leave her for his family. Shivaay gets determined to find Anika and confront her. Anika says Shivaay has not seen her resentment, Shivaay says Anika has not seen his hatred. Anika says she will never forgive Shivaay and never will show her face to him. Shivaay says he will make Anika see his hatred. Bhavya brings Pooja to the guest room and gives her clothes. 

    As Bhavya leaves, Pooja gets a call from Roop, Roop threatens her that she must follow Roop's words and that she wants Shivaay. After cutting the call, Pooja throws the phone and the clothes. Pooja says Roop thinks that she is using her, but in fact, Pooja is using Roop to get in Oberoi Mansion. Pooja thinks she also wants Shivaay. Pooja says she had to get Anika out of her way by being the fake sister of her. Pooja gets determined to get Shivaay and breaks Shivika's photo frame. After few days... Shivaay and Anika are seen talking on the phone, Shivaay says he waiting impatiently, Anika says she is coming. Turns out Shivaay is talking to Omkara and Rudra, as Tej and Shakti return home.

    Shivaay gets happy. Anika is seen talking to Sahil, who is in the other room. Anika hugs Sahil, Shivaay hugs Tej and Shakti. ShivOmRu and Tej - Shakti share an emotional moment, Tej thanks Shivaay. Gauri and Jhanvi welcome Tej and Shakti. Dholwalas play Dhol, everyone dances. Shivaay stays aloof and goes to Pinky's room where Pinky is seen in Coma. Shivaay urges Pinky to get conscious. Chanda gives tiffin to Anika as she leaves for work. Shivaay remembers Anika and gets furious. Omkara and Rudra console Shivaay and tell him that he needs a change. OmRu remind him that Shivaay has bought a T20 team and he needs to go for the launch. Shivaay refuses to go, OmRu force him to go with them for the launch. Anika remembers doctor's words that Sahil has got an infection in the leg and the operation would cost 3 lakhs, Anika says she has to earn money for Sahil. Anika says she never thought she will go to Mumbai so soon, turns out that Anika has got the job in the event company handling T20 cricket. Pooja tries to talk to Shivaay, he ignores, Gauri feels bad for Pooja and feels Anika only can bring Shivaay back to life. Anika reaches Mumbai and tries to be strong to execute the fashion show well so that she can be confirmed in the job. Shivaay tells Khanna to search Anika. Shivaay gets restless.

    PRECAP : Anika is walking with her File for Job and She sees her Condition She Corrects her self Seeing her Reflection in Car's Window Shivaay is Sitting In Same Car Engrossed In His Phone.

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