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  • Thursday, 17 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 17th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Nani Runs Away With Family Pic Oberois Shocked"

    Ishqbaaaz 17th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Nani Runs Away With Family Pic Oberois Shocked"

    Khanna Tells that May Be Someone Stole Rudra’s Phone We Should Check Shivaay asks him That Is He Gone Mad to Check Family members. Khanna Tells Him That No Everybody is here from Family He refers to Old Lady Who Gets Scared and She Shouts on Him That are you pointing at me Because Only me is not from Family.

    Shivaay Gets Furious and Tells Him to Apologies to her and Khanna does Old Lady Change the Topic By Saying That She has Made Mango Ice-cream for them She is Going to Bring that and She Gives a Glare to Khanna and Leaves.

    Rudra is worried for Phone Shivaay Makes Fun of Him That You Lost Phone Not wife Bhavya Agress with Shivaay.
    Old Lady comes to Rudra’s Room and Sprinkle some liquid on Rudra’s Bed and She Senses Someone is coming She Hides and Rudra comes to Bed and Faints.

    Dadi takes all His Gadgets and Leaves.
    Shivaay tries Dadi’s Phone But She is Not Attending her Phone. Old Lady comes with Ice-cream and Shivaay tells her that Your friend is not attending My Phone She Blurts that’s Good Everyone Look at her and She Says I mean She is Going to Attend Satsung Na that’s why.

    She Says Lets Eat Ice-cream and Anika distributes to Everyone and Everyone Praises her and She Tells Them How She Learnt to make this Because She goes So Many Houses Again She Blurts Her Truth But Covers Quickly.
    Rudra comes and Says That He Took a Power Nap and Everybody is Surprised that he was Sleeping.
    He Says That I Lost My Laptop and Tab too I Know You are concerned about me But Please Give me My Gadgets.
    Khanna tells Everyone that I have Video Record that Old Lady (Devyani) did all this and She Stole His Gadget.
    He Gives Shivaay Phone In which Video She is taking All the Gadget  Shivaay asks Her What is All This She tells That She did all this So That Rudra can Sleep Peacefully She Gives them Oil Too and Bhavya confirms that this is not Chloroform. She tells Them That All His Gadgets are In His Room Below His Bed.
    Rudra comes to Room to check and Found all the Gadget and He comes back and Informs everyone that She is Not Lying.
    She Gives Explanation that I Saw You Awake Whole Night so that’s why I Hide all those Things In My way See How peacefully you Slept.
    Bhavya Thanks Her and Anika taunts Shivaay that You Should Stay away from Phone too.
    Shivaay tells Khanna to Sorry her again and He does and Leaves.
    Night :
    Anika and Shivaay are Sleeping and Devyani is Leaving In Darkness She has something in her Hand She thinks that I have Found what I want Now I Should Leave.
    Suddenly Light gets On and Shivaay asks Her What are you doing at this Time.
    She Says That I am Not Used to Sleep In AC that’s why I am Walking here he tells her that You Stay here I am coming,
    He comes to Room and Takes Out The Shawal He Purchased for Dadi Anika Asks is it So Expensive More Than 1 Lakh But Shivaay tells That when She will take this Her Smile is worth than 10 lakh Devyani Listen to all this and Goes Back to Room.
    Shivaay comes and He Gives her Shawl and takes her to Bed and Also Keeps AC on High temperature.
    Nani gets overwhelmed with Shivaay's gesture. In the morning, Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya cook in the kitchen. They all realize that Nani is not in the house and get shocked. Nani comes and gets Tulsi leaves for tea. Dadi comes back, Nani gets worried. Nani secretly runs out of Oberoi Mansion. Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya happily welcome Dadi and tell her about Devyani. Khanna stops Nani and tells her about Dadi. Shivaay tells Dadi about Devyani, Dadi gets confused and says she knows no Devyani. Khanna forcibly brings Nani back in Oberoi Mansion. All get shocked when Dadi shows no recognition of any Devyani. Shivaay shows Nani's photo to Shivaay, Dadi says she has never met her. Khanna calls Shivaay, Khanna tells her Nani ran away.  All get confused about Nani's motive. Everyone runs to check the expensive stuff in the house. Everyone finds everything intact. Shivaay gets Nani's note which says she is thankful to them for the love and care. She says she has taken a valuable thing from the house without asking them. Shivaay says Nani took their family photo with them.

    PRECAP: Devyani’s Son and Daughter in law Fake Cry in front of Oberoi Family Anika and Shivaay wonder why Nani is not Saying anything to them. Nani tell them to Leave But Shivaay Bursts Out his anger that Nani Saved You otherwise I will Show Your true face infront of Media.

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