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  • Wednesday, 16 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 16th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Dadi's Fake Friend Saves Shivaay's Life"

    Episode Start with Omkara and Rudra discuss IPL, Gauri gets overwhelmed as Anika addresses as Chutki, Anika asks Gauri to go for Sahil's school shopping with her. Shivaay feels unwell, all get worried. Shivaay says his medicine is over. 

    An old lady enters Oberoi Mansion, everyone gets worried about Shivaay. The old lady enters as Omkara speaks to the doctor and tells his name. Khanna tries to confront the old lady. The old lady asks for the kitchen to make Kadha for Shivaay, Bhavya offers to go, Anika stops her and tells Gauri to go to the kitchen with the lady. The old lady makes the kadha and makes Shivaay drink it. Omkara asks the lady who she is.

     Shivaay feels very unwell, Omkara and Rudra get angry with the old lady. Shivaay says he is feeling better. Shivaay asks the lady who she is. The lady says she is Dadi's childhood friend. The old lady stops Rudra from calling Dadi back home. Everyone asks the old lady - Devyani to stay back till Dadi returns. Khanna gets suspicious about Devyani, Shivaay stops Khanna. Anika takes Nani to her room, Khanna keeps a watch on Nani. She praises Anika's bangles. 

    Nani checks the articles in the room, she sees Khanna and scolds him. Khanna gets determined to find Nani's truth. Rudra cries as his eyes pain a lot, Bhavya scolds him for continuously using electronic instruments. Nani makes Gud Ke Chawal with Anika and Gauri.

    Bhavya comes and says Anika and Gauri could have called her also, Anika says Bhavya doesn't spend time with them, Bhavya feels bad and thinks Anika and Gauri remain so busy with each other that they never notice her. Nani notices Bhavya's sadness. Bhavya tells her about Rudra's eye pain and about his obsession with gadgets. Nani goes to Rudra with cold water and cotton. Nani puts cotton pads on Rudra's eyes and goes away with his phone. Anika and Gauri remain busy in their childhood memories, Bhavya feels let out, Nani notices it. Bhavya covers up in front of Nani. Nani takes Bhavya to Anika and Gauri and tells them that Bhavya feels left out. Bhavya lets out her feelings to Anika and Gauri, Anika Gauri apologizes to Bhavya, Anika says she loves Bhavya and Gauri equally. They hug together lovingly. Nani blesses them. Nani tells her memories with Dadi to Anika, Gauri, and Bhavya. Nani gets surprised that they have not tasted roadside Chinese. Rudra looks for his phone, Rudra blames Bhavya for taking his phone, she denies. Khanna comes and says someone must have stolen Rudra's phone. Khanna says he will check the house. Nani gets worried.

    PRECAP : 

    Precap: Khanna Tells That This Lady Stole Rudra’s Gadgets Shivaay asks Him DO you have any proof. He gives His Phone which is playing Video Recorded in which Old Lady  is taking Rudra’s All Gadgets Shivaay Looks at Lady in anger.

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