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  • Friday, 11 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 11th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Anika-Shivaay Love Selfie Crazy Dance Goes Viral"

    Ishqbaaaz 11th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Anika-Shivaay Love Selfie Crazy Dance Goes Viral"

    Omkara tells in front of the media how much he loves his wife Gauri What is She to Him, Anika feels So happy. She Tells Rudra that She didn’t Know that her Devar is that Good Rudra too tells Same that His Brother is that Good. 

    Rudra tells Bhavya that they should have a kissing selfie on social media, Bhavya says she Doesn’t Like PDA, Anika misunderstands Word PDA as Some Academy
     Rudra and Bhavya try to explain her PDA But Media asks Gauri Does She Believes in PDA, Gauri is Also Clueless What is PDA Omkara explains it to Gauri as Public Display of Affection.

    Media’s next Question is Same that You think Posting Your love Life on Social Life is Okay?
     Omkara says if the love is true, it can be shown to the world. Omkara tells if I can Show my Art on Social Media then why not my Inspiration and If you want to Post our Picture then Please he Gives Poses with Gauri Anika is so happy with this She wonders why Shivaay doesn't put their picture on his social media.

    Later, Anika praises Gauri that How Romantic Raita She Spread Gauri says she felt Strange Everything Anika What Strange She tells Her why you have to Announce personal Life Like this Bhavya agrees with Gauri But Anika Gives them Example of How People Display their Happiness then Why not love.

    Anika Shares why not Shivaay don’t do this Anika, Gauri and Bhavya try to avert her from the love show on social media. Anika remains adamant that Shivaay Should Show Their Love to the world.
    Rudra comes to Bhavya to wear her uniform She asks Why He tells her that I want Our Ishq Wali Selfie Little Different Anika Asks What is This? He tells I will tell You Later. Anika likes the idea and decides to take such selfie with Shivaay.
    Shivaay comes and happily hugs Anika from behind and He Shares his happiness of Getting Deal witj with Japanese delegate. Anika says they should celebrate by taking a selfie. Anika forces Shivaay to take an Ishq wali selfie with her and tries to take selfies in romantic poses. Shivaay tells her that I will Show You What Romantic Selfie is And They take Selfie.
    Anika reveals that she has made a profile of them and is going to upload their photos. Shivaay hates Anika's idea and tells her not to upload their photos. Anika starts arguing saying what is wrong if the world sees their love, Shivaay says he doesn't want t show off their personal moments on social media. Anika gets angry and throws her phone.

    Bhavya wears the Uniform and warns Rudra that she doesn't want PDA. Rudra takes a photo and writes a caption filled with love. At night, Shivaay asks Anika to give up on her anger and eat dinner, Anika refuses. Anika says he is bothered about what his Japanese delegates think about him but doesn't care about her. Shivaay wonders how he can make Anika calm. Shivaay gets an idea and dresses up like a Tapori. Shivaay dances on Mai To Raste Jaa Raha Tha, Anika gets shocked but joins him. Their dance gets recorded on Anika's phone. Anika takes a selfie with Shivaay and takes his permission to post on social media. In the morning, Rudra checks his phone and gets shocked to have only 100 likes and annoying comments. He hides it for Bhavya. Shivaay gets ready for his deal signing with Japanese Delegates. Anika wishes him best with a cheek kiss. Anika checks her phone and when she is about to post their photo, Rudra comes being all upset. During the meeting, the delegates refused to sign the deal with Shivaay. Mr. Kurusowa shows Shivaay his dancing video with Anika, Shivaay gets shocked to see and to know that the deal is off. Omkara tells Anika that the video she put on social media has become viral, Anika gets shocked. Anika remembers her phone was in video mode. Shivaay comes home angry, Shivaay bursts on her for losing the deal over the video. He tells Anika the video was a thing between them and not for the world which tarnished his image. Anika says she just wanted to show their love to the world, Shivaay says why would she do it, Anika says just because everyone else does it. Shivaay says it is their private matter if they keep showing to the stranger's people will think they are mad.

    PRECAP: Omkara tells Somebody wants to Upload something for themselves on social Media Just Like I did for Gauri, Shivaay tells Omkara What You did there was a reason behind it But Why Anika You did.

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