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  • Friday, 11 May 2018

    Anika's Argument with Gauri-Bhavya Over Social Media Ishqbaaaz 11th May Video and Written update

    Anika's Argument with Gauri-Bhavya Over Social Media Ishqbaaaz 11th May Video and Written update

    Segment Start with Shivaay’s Meeting where instead of His PPT his and Anika’s Crazy Dance Video Play and Japanese Client gets offended and They cancel the Meeting because of Irresponsible Behavior.

    They tell shivaay that they want Brand Name and Now Its seems No Brand here They Announce to Deal is off and Leave the Meeting Shivaay shuts the Laptop Lid with Bang.

    There at Oberoi Mansion Anika is still Engrossed in her Social Media Account Just Then Rudra comes and Informs her What Happened In the Meeting But Anika Takes As Cool and Says Nothing To Worry About That.

    Rudra tells Same to Gauri and Bhavya and tells them to Make Anika Understand that We Shouldn't Post This Type of Stuff on Social Media.
    Gauri and Bhavya come to Anika and They tell her that Social Media is Bad Thing and we should take precaution before uploading anything.

    But Instead of Understanding Anika argues with Both that I think Social Media is Great Thing to Tell the world how we love Each Other.
    To Prove Herself Correct Anika Gives Them Example that if someone has Jagratra at House There will Loud Speaker on the terrace to show the world Juts Like someone Buy Two Wheeler they distribute Sweets all over the Mohalla But when it comes to Love No Body will say anything.
    Gauri Says Jiji That Social media addiction is Bad Thing we should Stay away from Social Media and I will prefer to Keep something private that will be Good But Anika tells her that She Prefers What Omkara did for you Shivaay should do the same.
    We have seen How Omkara Introduced Gauri to Press as his wife.

    When Shivaay will come to confront Anika what will Happen ? Stay Tune We will Update You Soon Must watch this Segment

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