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  • Thursday, 10 May 2018

    Anika-Shivaay's "Ishq Wali Selfie" Shivika's Romance Ishqbaaaz SBB 10th May Video and Written Update

     Anika-Shivaay's "Ishq Wali Selfie" Shivika's Romance Ishqbaaaz SBB 10th May Video and Written Update

    Segment Start with Anika is Doing Something In Phone and Shivaay comes from behind and Hugs her She gets Surprised. She asks Him why he is so happy?

    Shivaay Tells Her that He gets Business Deal Just Final Presentation is left that’s why He is So happy he Hugs Her and Shares His Happiness with Her.
    She Hugs him Back But She Says That She wants to take ‘ Ishq Wali Selfie’ Shivaay asks Are you done?

    She Aks what? He Says I have Heard ‘ Ishq Wala Love’ Now what is This Ishq Wali Selfie?
    She gets Annoyed and Says You Don’t Know Ishq Wali Selfie You are IshqBaaz and You don’t Know Ishq Wali Selfie You leave It I will Show You.

    She tells him to Spread his arms But He didn’t Budge She tells Him Please and He Does But He is Hesitating and She tells Him Do Little More And He Spreads His Arms Like Shah Rukh Khan and She teases Him that You Think You are Shah Rukh Khan and She herself Makes Him Spread His Arms and Hugs Him and Takes their Selfie.

    After that Shivaay Kisses her on her Forehead and Takes Selfie They take So Many Selfies With Each Other.

    Anika Shows Him How To Pout and Makes Faces She is Getting Addicted to Selfies and Social Media and That’s why in Next Scene Anika and Shivaay Fight over Socail Media She throws his Phone and Leaves In Anger.

    We will Update this to Next Post Stay Tune and Must watch this Segment


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