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  • Tuesday, 22 May 2018

    Anika is Pregnant Shivaay-Anika are Stressed because of Pregnancy Ishqbaaaz SBB/SBS 22nd May Video WU

     Anika is Pregnant Shivaay-Anika are Stressed because of Pregnancy Ishqbaaaz SBB/SBS 22nd May Video WU 

    Segment Start with Anika who has something in her hand she is clutching That thing so tight and She is Very Scared Because She Thinks That She is Going to Be Mother .

    Bhavya and Gauri are Asking her What Happened to you But she is not in State to Share anything with her Her Mind is Flooded with So Many thoughts.

    There Rudra Thinks That Bhavya is Pregnant So He is Drinking and Partying That After this He won’t able to do this Omkara and Shivaay takes him Home where Dadi is all Set to Scold them.

    Dadi tells Shivaay that You are my Eldest Grandson and I want so much to Play with Your Children I want to be Great Grandmother Okay Leave me what about your mother doesn’t she want to become Grandmother?
    Shivaay-Omkara-Rudra is making Fun offscreen Shivaay tells that He has Nothing to do with Anika’s Pregnancy it's All between Anika and Her God. Omkara Laughs and Says God will Punish You That You Leave Everything on Me.

    Shivaay and Rudra Says That Khanna has a Major role in this You will come to know in Upcoming Episode
    In SBS They Showed Something Different From SBB
    They showed How Dadi Tells Same to Shivaay But Instead of Bhavya-Rudra whole Family Want Shivaay and Anika to be Parents.
    Anika is Stressed Over this and Shivaay comes and Sits In front of her and Tries to Calm Her But He Doesn’t get Success in this.
    He Cups her face and Reporter End Segment with this that Soon Everybody will come to Know That Anika is pregnant.
    Let's See What they have in Store for Us

    Off-Screen Shivaay-Omkara-Rudra Dance Song “Chota Bacchaa Jaan Ke Humko”

    Must Watch Both Segments



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