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  • Saturday, 12 May 2018

    Anika Humiliates In Interview Anika Cries Shivaay consoles Her Ishqbaaaz SBS 12th May Video WU

    Anika Humiliates In Interview Anika Cries Shivaay consoles Her Ishqbaaaz SBS 12th May Video WU

    Segment Start with Anika comes to School where she has to Give Interview for Sahil’s admission She enters in the Principle Cabin’s and gets Shocked to see the Same lady with she fought yesterday.

    Principle shouts on Anika that How dare you to come inside principle’s PA Informs her that she is Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi Principle Looks at her and other ladies who are Looking at Anika.

    Principle Knows that Anika doesn’t Know English so She asks her Tell her about their Child Anika who is Scared How to talk in English Stammers that Her brother Sahil.Err…err is Brave and Along with principle, other ladies laugh too.

    Anika tells in Hindi that Her Brother always comes “Avval”(First)  Other Ladies again laugh and Principle tells her to talk in English because this is English medium School.
    Anika sits on the Chair and Principle Start her Interview She asks her What is Plural of OX Anika Doesn’t Know So She Guesses OXES But Ladies Laugh and One of them Start Making Anika’s Video.

    Principle Again asks some question and Anika doesn’t Know the Answer Principle humiliates her and tells her that don’t Tell me you Don’t Know who is Nepolian and Anika has tears Now She wipes her tears and Runs Away from the Cabin to outside.
    Shivaay Sees her and he comes to her and asks her what happened why are you crying She Narrates the whole incident to Him and He gets Angry But he consoles her that he will see what he can do.
    He tells her Calm Down.
    Anika and Shivaay’s Interview: They Said that This track comes with some message that Respects Your Language, yes Some People Face this daily in their Life that doesn’t mean they cant do anything if they don’t Know English.

    What will Shivaay do with principle? We will Update in our next post

    Stay Tune and Must Watch this Segment

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