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  • Monday, 14 May 2018

    Anika-Gauri to Learn Cooking From Dadi's Fake Friend Bhavya Feels Left-out Ishqbaaaz SBB 14th May Video WU

    Anika-Gauri Learn Cooking From Dadi's Fake Friend Bhavya Feels Left-out Ishqbaaaz SBB 14th May Video WU

    Segment Start with Dadi’s Fake friend Drags Anika and Gauri to Kitchen and She is Teaching Both how to Cook Rice With jaggery.

    She Shows Them the Utensils and How To process Everything.
    Anika and Gauri Seem So Happy That They are Finally learning How to Cook They are so happy with Dadi’s Fake Friend.

    On The Other Side When Bhavya comes to Search Anika and Gauri She Finds them In The Kitchen Learning Cooking from Dadi’s Fake friend But they didn’t Tell her to Join them and They Left her Alone.

    Bhavya Gets tears In her eyes But She Quickly wipes them When She Sees Dadi’s Friend is coming Towards her.
    She comes to Bhavya and asks her what Happened to you But Bhavya makes an Excuse But Dadi gives her some work and she Cheers up again But Anika and Gauri again Seems Lost In Each Other.

    Gauri’s Interview: Me and Anika who doesn’t have Good Hand In Cooking We were Learning from Dadi’s friend She is An absolutely Amazing Cook Now She was today teaching us How to Make
    Jaggery and Rice this is some Punjabi dish and as a Shrenu I heard this first time.
    She replies on Bhavya’s Sad Mood That Anika and Me have so Much to Catch up we even forgotten our Husband So Bhavya is Far Away from there and We were learning and talking so Much Bhavya Felt Left Alone which was from our Side Unknowingly But Wrong we will make up to that soon we already ordered Heart Shape Balloons for her.

    There Dadi is back in the House what will Dadi’s Fake friend Do Now ? will She Run away Stay Tuned we will update this in next Segment

    Must watch this Segment

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