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  • Saturday, 28 April 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Kiran Trapped In Raman-Ishita's Plan"

    Episode Start with Raman informs Everyone at the Breakfast table that there will be Pooja at home for ishita’s Clinic. Everyone is Happy Raman even Cancels His Meeting Adi About to go But Raman Scolds Him that He Didn’t ask his opinion and He tells her to be with Aliya, Adi Leaves from there in Anger.Raman signals Ishita to handle this.

    Raman and Ishita Invite Iyer and They Leave Roshni is Happy for ishita and Party But Mrs. Iyer takes her to Room and Tells her not to come for Party Because She doesn’t want any Problem Between Adi and Aliya even She Tells her to Shift somewhere else.

    Roshni Somehow Agrees and she takes her Bag and She Leaves Adi calls her out But She doesn’t Listen So Adi too follows her.
    When He Finally Catches her Up he asks her what Happened Why are you Ignoring me She Tells him To Leave Because I don’t want any problem in your marriage and later people will Blame me.

    She goes and Ring On The Door Adi comes Behind her When Door Opens And Lady ask her that is He Your Boyfriend? I won't allow single Lady I want couple only.
    Adi Puts His Hands on her shoulder and Tells Lady that we are couple She invites them and Leaves for Snack.

    Roshni asks Him why did he lie He tells her that he did for her just Like You did same for me he Curses Aliya that She has insecurity.
    Raman comes to Ishita and tells her his Plan to Bring Arushi at Home and if anyone Recognize her as Sonakshi that means that Person from our house is Involves in that Fraud.
     Ishita is worried and she tells Raman that Arushi won't back out from this Plan.
    Mani already come and Congratulate ishita Adi comes with Roshni and Raman asks Him why did You Bring Roshni here.

    He replies that She is My Friend And She Helped Ishi Ma Before and Now She wants to Help Her again.
    Ishita takes him to Corner and Tries to Talk to Adi he gets Angry and Shouts on Them and Leaves with Roshni Aliya Listens to all their Talks.
    Raman consoles Aliya that He will talk to Adi But Now let's Go Inside.
    Raman tells Everyone that owner has come I will Just Receive and we will Start Pooja He Tells Ishita to Keep eye on everyone.
    Raman comes with Arushi who is in Red Dress and take her to introduce to everyone that She is Owner of this Place.
    Kiran Stares At Her and Tells Bala That She is Sonakshi and she Must be in London right Now.
    Raman asks Her how do you Know this Thing that She Must be in London She tries to Change But Raman tells her that we all Listen to this But When She Doesn’t say anything Raman asks her in Stern voice but Bala Interfere and asks him why are you Behaving Like this.
    Ishita Jumps in between and tells Bala That we need to Know How Does Kiran Knows her But Kiran tells that She doesn’t Know Sonakshi Gupta She Just Listen from Mihika who tells everyone that She Never discuss anything with Kiran and only Romi and Ruhi Knows About her, But Kiran tells everyone that She Even Showed her Photo How can she forget this.
    Mihika stands on her Word that She doesn’t tell about Sonakshi Amma Interrupts and asks why are you talking about this in Family function.
    Raman asks her again But Bala Shouts On Raman that If she told you that she doesn’t Know that means she doesn’t Know About Her.
    Ishita asks her if she doesn’t Know why is She Shivering and Shaking and Sweating Bala Shows her his Sweats and Tells her that he is Sweating too that Doesn’t Mean that I am Hiding something from you.
    He stands for his Wife that I won’t tolerate this we are leaving and He takes her Away with Him.ishita Looks at Raman Helplessly.
    Adi comes to drop Roshni and She tells him that You shouldn’t Leave Like this Ishi Maa Needs you more than Me He argues with her but She tells Him to leave her and her about to go But he asks Her why are you Behaving Like this.
    She tries to make him understand that it's Not good for them to meet and she Leaves and Adi bangs his hands on Car’s Bonnet.
    Aliya is walking on Road But Some Goons Misbehaves with her and Adi comes to Save her he fights with Goon and He Beat them.
    Roshni hugs Him and asks him is he Okay He hugs her Back.
    There at Clinic Arushi about to leave in anger that her sister’s murderer is roaming Freely and She cant does anything.
    Ishita assures her that she will stand for her ishita is unable to believe that Kiran can do this behind Raman’s Name.Raman takes out his Phone to Play his Second Plan.

    Precap: Neha meets Kiran and asks her About her departure Date She Gets Angry with her that Why she called here Raman and ishita come and ishita tells her that Sonakshi did suicide because of your illegal works. Police come and ask who is Kiran Because Someone Files FIR against Her Raman and Ishita Gets Shock.

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