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  • Wednesday, 25 April 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Attack On Aarushi Raman Shocked to See Her"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Attack On Aarushi Raman Shocked to See Her"

    Ishita is sitting at CafĂ© and She Shows Arushi two Papers and she tells her to See Both Papers Carefully and She Explains to her that This Appointment Letter is Fake there is Between Logos.Raman’s company name is Raman Bhalla and Sons Not Raman Bhalla and company.

    Aarushi Looks Carefully and ishita furthers tells her that My husband is Innocent and I Know what happened with Your Sister Sonakshi was Wrong But that’s Proved that My Husband is Innocent and Who is Doing all This are using Our Company Name I will Fight for your Justice Aarushi leaves and ishita Thinks to Talk about this to Raman.

    There at Home Aliya ask Police inspector that You were talking to Adi is everything is Okay He Lies that I Thought I met Him Somewhere.
    Mihika Gives Papers and He tells That we should Go to that Shop where Your Credit Card has used Aliya leaves for Meeting.

    Adi asks Aliya in office what are you doing here She tells that I have Presentation to show Adi takes her to the corner and Tells her that he already Prepared Presentation so No need for your Presentation.She tries to Makes Him Understand But they Start Arguing and Raman comes to them and tells them to Stop this Fight.

    Aliya Explain Raman and He Agree with Aliya’s Thought of showing two Presentation.Adi is Upset with Aliya.
    Mihika, Bala, and Police are Checking CCTV and Mihika get Romy Call and Bala Sees Sharvu is Swiping Someone Credit Card. Bala and Mihika understand and Mihika tries to change the Situation in front of police but Bala Tells That he is His Son But Mihika and Police Advice to talk to him once.
    Mani Likes the Presentation and He Says That this Project Goes to You But we Like Aliya’s Presentation Adi gets Upset and Leaves.
    Aarushi comes Home and She is Still Thinking what Ishita Told her She thinks Someone Did Wrong To Them That’s why her sister is No More.
    Ishita calls to Aarushi and She tries to makes her understand and she consoles her Someone Ring the Bell at Aarushi’s House she still on the Call and Opens the Gate and She Screams Seeing a Mask Men.
    Ishita Listens her Voice and There Aarusgi Fights with that Men That Men Attacks on her with Knife But Aru shi Fight Back and She Hits Him with Flower Vase and Run Away.

    Adi gets upset when Aaliya snatches his post in office. Adi tells Raman that Mani is biased and chosen Aaliya. Aaliya finds her proposal better to win. Adi doesn’t accept his failure. Raman understands Aaliya. He finds hard to explain Adi. Adi takes it on his ego. He tries to explain Raman to take his side. Raman asks Adi to stop his nonsense.
    Ishita reaches Raman and informs him about the attack on Arushi. Arushi comes to Raman’s office to meet Ishita. Raman recognizes her as Sonakshi, which surprises Ishita. Arushi tells him that she is Sonakshi’s twin sister Arushi. Raman tells Ishita that he knows Sonakshi, who had met him for job placement.

    He tells Arushi that Sonakshi wasn’t qualified for the job, so he didn’t recruit her. Ishita tells Raman that she will tell him about Arushi later. Bala confronts Shravan about the credit card. Shravan tells him about the card gifted by Parmeet. Ishita and Raman look after Arushi. Raman provides security to Arushi. Ishita asks Arushi to trust Raman, who is very helpful. Arushi still suspects Raman. She refuses to file a police complaint to investigate Sonakshi’s matter. Ishita wants to solve the matter for Raman’s sake.


    PRECAP: Mani Asks Police Inspector about Adi He Reveals Him that How He Met Adi with One Lady and they have their Marriage Pic when Mani asks About Girl Aliya comes with Roshni’s Pic in her mobile and He tells her yes she is the Girl.Ishita hears Raman is talking about Sonakshi and Aarushi and He is Scolding someone that How this Things Comes out.

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