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  • Wednesday, 18 April 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman Gets His Memory Back Surprise for Ishita"

    The episode starts Mani Wishes Baisakhi To Adi and Adi Takes Blessing. Mani asks About work But Shagun Intruppts Roshni comes and asks for Dance Aliya Denies and Tells that She wants to talk with Shagun and Mani.

    Adi Leaves with Roshni and They are Dancing so Close Mani Doubts But Shagun and Aliya tell Him Not to worry anything they were in London too.

    Raman tells IShita to come to him and he wants to make an announcement Raman tells everyone that he has promised Ishita to give her many surprises. He tells Thank you to ishita that She did so many things for me and my family and He Surprises her with Giving Ishita Her own Medical Dental Facility. Ishita can’t believe and Short of a word He asks did she like She tells Its Beautiful and Then Raman and Ishita perform dance and celebrate. Full Family Joins them.Raman asks Again About Surprise She tells I wanted this so much How do You Know He tells that Not only you Know About me I too Know Secrets They Shared Some Fun Moments.

    Bhalla value Baisakhi festive a lot. Mrs. Bhalla gets upset with Pihu. Raman wants to take Ishita on a date. Mrs. Bhalla stays annoyed with Raman and Ishita too. Ishita tries to know the matter. Mrs. Bhalla complains about Pihu’s bad behavior. Ishita thinks of talking to Pihu and explain her mistake. Raman sends security to Ishita.

    Ishita goes to Pihu and tries to explain her mistake. Pihu apologizes to her. She tells Ishita that she will apologize to Mrs. Bhalla. She makes Pihu ready. Someone reaches Ishita to hurt her. Pihu slips on the stairs, but Ishita saves her. She asks Pihu not to take much tension. Ishita gets hurt instead Pihu. She falls down the stairs. She gets injured. Raman gets thinking about Ananya’s accident. He collapses by getting the past memory flashes. Ishita and everyone panic seeing Raman’s state.

    Ruhi tells them that someone has intentionally pushed Ishita down the stairs. Ishita too confirms it. Romi asks the inspector to find the culprit. Ishita tells the family that she is fine and they should focus on Raman. Adi gets stressed by his work. He terminates Neha and gets into an argument with her. Raman gets worried for Ishita. He gets his memories. He tells everyone that he was stopping Ruhi from marrying Nikhil. Raman recovers his memory completely. The accident turns out to be a boon for them. Baisakhi gets many surprises for Raman and Ishita. They all celebrate Raman’s recovery. IshRa happily unites with their family. Ruhi tells Ishita that Simmi is the culprit, who pushed Ishita deliberately.

    PRECAP :

     Ruhi takes out black clothe from Simmi's Closet and She tells ishita that I was Right it was You.Simmi asks her what are you saying Ruhi tells that You are the one who Pushed Ishi Ma from Stairs. Romi comes and Support Ruhi Ishita Looks At Simmi.

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