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  • Monday, 16 April 2018

    RAYA SS : Exclusively Mine Chapter 1

    Chapter 1


    "SHUT THE HECK UP!" Ram threw his phone against a table as he saw the millionth text's beep from his sister, Sumona di.

    He leaned back against the couch he was laying on, digging his hands in his hair as a flood of emotions swam in his mind.

    I should not have married Priya.

    You married a stupid Sharma. WHY?

    I should not have drugged Priya.

    Why is his forever-bachelor life ruined like this?

    "Urh.." a growl escaped his mouth,. He had drunk so much after Priya slept last night. He was guilty, hurt, angry, freaked out and pissed.

    "Priya.. PRIYA WAKE UP!" Ram shouted thinking that she is still sleeping before his eyes looked in the straight direction and he screamed loudly after seeing Priya, falling off the couch.


    Ram stood up with difficulty as Priya widened her eyes and got up too.

    What Ram just saw was Priya in a bridge-pose Yoga position.. her head was upside down, hair hanging, so he screamed cause the sight was frigging scary.

    "Have you NEVER seen anyone do Yoga before!?" Priya started rolling up the mattress she was performing her exercise on.


    "Stop shouting at me! You can shout at your business people and whatever but you CANNOT order me around, RK!"

    "I can do whatever the frick I want with you! You are my wife Priya!"

    "CORRECTION: I'm your drugged wife!"

    Priya's chest fell and rose quickly before Ram started laughing, falling back on the couch and staring at the ceiling.

    This jerk of an A-hole and son-of-a-gun who needs to jump from Mount Everest and die-

    "WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME?" She asked, cutting off her violent thoughts.

    "Drugged wife.. that sounds so funny. You're my drugged wife. PFFT. HAHAHAHA!" He started laughing again and Priya pursed her lips, looking at the green alcohol bottles around him.

    Ok so the dude is drunk.

    "I.. was doing Yoga cause it relaxes me." Priya mumbled, making Ram look up at her and a blush crept up Priya's skin..

    Crap! Ram's gaze was something so sexy.. those chocolaty eyes of his, with maroon colored flecks in it were like drops of sunshine. And she's BLUSHING! Stop Priya!

    "Well I think you should stop babygirl, cause you doing Yoga un-relaxes me unless and until you wear some tight clothes so I can admire your body."

    And here RK is back! His arrogant mouth ruins him.
    Why don't people look like their personalities? He's too handsome to be this bad!

    "As if I care what you want, A-hole." Priya snapped, folding her arms against her chest making Ram get up.

    "The hell you should, I'm your husband and we would be having a night together tonight so beware of what I want and not or I won't satisfy you."

    "The hell I won't! I don't need any satisfaction, A-hole!"

    "The hell you do! You can't be touching yourself there your whole life! You'll get my monster in your honey-pot!"




    Did he just? This rascal of a craphead who needs to eat a bomb and burst-

    "I DO NOT TOUCH MYSELF..there! AND I DON'T NEED YOUR MONSTER! PUT THAT IN SOME OTHER GIRLS' HONEY-POTS! I'll never sleep with you! I'd rather commit suicide by jumping into a volcano!" She said, cutting her violent thoughts again, making Ram roll his eyes.

    "You want me to cheat on you with other girls? Naw. I'm all yours, babygirl." He spread his arms, his shirt opening a bit cause it was already unbuttoned and revealed his toned chest.

    And she..stared.
    Maybe for an eternity.

    "Take a picture, you can stare at it forever. Don't stare at me; I have feelings too..stop looking at me like I'm a s#x object. OMG, STOP!" Ram suddenly mimicked a girly voice, crossing his hands across his naked chest and making a fake-scared face.

    "I was not staring at your chest!" She retorts, cringing at her own lie.

    "And I am Salman Khan. Let's stop lying, can we?" He cleared his throat and Priya threw her mattress at him.

    "You know there's a special place in hell for jerks like you!" She burst out, making him laugh.

    "Thats awesome. Because I'd hate to wait in line.. like good people like you do. I'm destined to be given the most attention." He winked and she just felt her feet froze..

    He's a champion at arguments.

    Why isn't he a lawyer?

    He smiled seeing her shocked reaction before leaving the room as Priya wondered:

    'How can the devil look just like an angel when he smiles at you?'


    Shit just got real.

    This is getting serious!

    "Ah.." Ram sighed and came out after brushing his teeth and then looked at her.

    She looked at him.
    He looked at her.


    "OMG, I BEG YOU! STOP LOOKING AT ME I'M FEELING SO SCARED! Kabhi koi handsome ladka nahi dekha hai kya?" He fake-cried girlishly again making her throw one more something at him before he shut himself in the wash to get dressed..


    "Come on, lets go!" Ram came out wearing a classy 3-piece suit, to find Priya sitting on the bed with her chin in her palm.

    "I will NOT go out looking like a mess! I need to look good." She said decidedly.

    Ram threw his head back frustratingly, "What do you want, Sharma?"

    And he regretted asking it:

    "Hmm.. I want a nice face-wash, I am allergic to glycerine soaps and that is the only one that is in the hotel. So yeah. Rose talc powder, a good perfume, an eyelash curler, a bit of lip gloss, protein hair serum and a big-toothed comb for my wavy hair."

    She paused for a minute, making Ram nod.

    "Ok, so-"

    "Wait.. I also want a new dress. I'm size 2, but I like loose clothes in summer the most so get me a bit bigger size than 2. I only want a cotton dress..not silk or anything else. Like I said it's summer and I won't wear anything other than cotton. Oh, and I want a pair of heels.. 6-inched heels. Don't confuse them with 4-inched heels please. And.. did I say moisturizer? I need one with sunscreen. That's it."

    She half-smiled and looked at him to find his head tilted on his neck and his eyes were closed.

    "KAPOOR!" She clicked her fingers, waking him up.

    "Zzz! I think I slept in between of you saying something about..dresses? What's wrong with you Sharma? You are obsessed with looking good!" Ram mocked making Priya sigh.

    "Please. I don't wanna go out looking like a ghost." She hated to say please to him, but her manners has taught her to be elegant.

    Ram simpered before muttering: "Whatever, Sharma."


    Have you ever done something wrong and felt so guilty about it but were too stubborn to admit it?

    Ram has.

    He looked at Priya who was sitting beside him in his BMW, looking out of the window as he held his breath to get over the fact that she smelled like a gummy bear.

    You know the way small kids smell? Smell of sugar, happiness and everything adorable?

    She smelled just like that!

    He so regretted saying yesterday that she has a face that belongs in the zoo.. because now all he knew was that she is the most beautiful girl he has ever breathed oxygen next to..sitting beside her and glancing at her again and again.

    No wonder she won that stupid pageant.. she is really pretty.

    But it's not his fault! After he drugged her, she looked like a drunk rat who has spent its whole life in a garbage bin.

    And now she looks..

    "Hey, do you know that talc: the powder that we use on our face is actually a broken form of the softest rock in the world?" Priya asked excitedly.

    "Huh?" Ram asked, broken out of his thoughts.

    "It is! So weird, right? It's like I can pick up the rock and smash it and it will turn into powder! Vo patthar kitna accha hoga na? I'm sure it must be so cute and fluffy or something!" She smiled cheekily.

    Ram chuckled, "Hey, do you know that I feel sorry for people like you because there is no cure for stupidity? Scientists are yet to discover a medicine to make dumb girls like you smart, Sharma."

    There he goes again.

    She breathed deeply and ignored his rude comment.

    "I was just talking to you because I'm bored and so weak and so..leave it." Priya looked at Ram, blinking her eyes and batting her lashes.


    He wished he was a jealous girl right now who will find faults in Priya. But com'on, he is a MAN. His hormones force him to feel attracted towards her.

    "You know, I really like that shirt on you." She spoke again, reaching her hand out and caressing his sleeve..

    He jerked her hand away and stopped the car, making her widen her eyes.

    "Ok, cut the drama Sharma. What do you want? SPIT IT OUT!"

    Priya lowered her eyes and then looked at him..hopefully.

    "Just a cup of green tea. I'm hungry.. and very weak. I can't even walk properly. It will be energizing for me. So..please? Please-please?" Priya held his hand and squeezed it lovingly.

    She has a split personality disorder or what?

    Just yesterday she was saying that he is the crappiest person that ever walked on earth and now she is holding his hand like he is the most special man in her life.

    He sighed, muttering a curt 'Okay' and pulling his hand out from her hold.

    "OHMYGOSH thank you thank you thank you! You're the best kidnapping, drugging, forcefully marrying husband ever!!"

    There she goes again.

    He thought as she added all those words before calling him husband..

    "I know, babygirl. Lets get your tea."


    "What the!"

    Ram dropped the cup of tea and the pack of vegetable puff that he bought for her (even though she didn't ask for the puffs) as he saw Priya jump out of his car's window. Her head hit hard against the road accidentally but instead of crying in pain, she started laughing.


    "I AM FREE! I repeat: I am free! Ha-ha. Hahaha!" She got up, wiping her blood-stained forehead and started dancing..

    On the freakin' road.

    The moment he left the car to buy her tea, she escaped from the window because all the doors were locked but the windows weren't.
    So this is why she wanted him to buy tea for her so that she can hatch her evil plan of escaping.

    He has married a crazy woman.

    He face-palmed as she stopped dancing after looking at his angry face.

    "Well, well, well. We FINALLY see Priya Sharma's real colors! You were seducing me to buy tea for you so that you can escape, you evil seducer!" He exclaimed as if he's been betrayed.

    She tucked a lock behind her ear, gaping.

    "SEDUCING YOU? Oh that's sooo not true!"

    "Is so! You were doing that thing with your eyes and lashes.. stop acting innocent!"

    "What thing?"

    "The thing you do with your eyes and lashes! Trying to be cute to make people do things for you!"

    "I don't do such a thing!"

    "You do!"

    "I don't! Cuteness comes naturally to me.. just like A-hole ness comes naturally to a jerk like you!" She stated confidently, making him sigh and go inside his car, putting his hand on the steering wheel.

    "Come back inside, Sharma. You have precisely 10 seconds before I come out and drag you inside."

    "I-I'm leaving.. to meet Daddy and Mum. I'm sure they'll help me with getting you arrested for marrying me. BYE!" She turned around before hearing a loud smash of the car's door, he had come out and was now eyeing her murderously.

    "Get. Back. Inside. NOW!"

    "NO!!" She shouted, taking off her high heels as Ram confusedly looked at her.

    He thought she liked those heels?
    Priya Sharma is such a beauty freak and wanted to look good all the time so why has she removed her pretty blue heel sandals and-

    "OW!" He knew soon enough as she threw her heels on his face.



    "HOLY SHIT, YOU MESSED UP LITTLE SHARMA!" He grunted and shut his eyes in pain at the bruises her heels had given to his face as she smiled and started running bare-footed on the highway road.

    He's so gonna kill her!!!


    "SOMEONE STOP HER!" He yelled, running like hell after her as she kept turning around to look at him and then increasing her speed even more.

    No no no no he'll never catch her!

    "SOMEONE STOP HIM! HE'S A..H-HE'S A KIDNAPPER WHO TAKES GIRLS AND MAKES DIRTY MOVIES WITH THEM!" Priya yelled back before her legs halted as she found him standing and just thinking confusedly about what she just said.

    She just called him a po*n director.

    Or something?

    He didn't even know but he's gonna kill her anyway!


    She kept running, breathing heavily and praying to her Devi Mayya that she succeeds.

    "YOUR EARRING FELL, Sharma! YOU LOOK LIKE A JOKER NOW!" Ram shouted, seeing her turn around shockingly.


    "Where, WHERE is my earring?" The moment she asked this, he had already neared her and was holding her arm tightly.

    "AHHH! LEAVE ME LEAVE ME LEAVE ME!" Priya tried to run but it was in vain cause he had held her hand extremely tight.

    "LET ME GO! YOUR HAND..IT'S LIKE A ROBOT'S HAND! " She struggled, his hand was way too strong!

    She moved her legs again and again and again but it was like she was standing on a treadmill of the gym.. no matter how much you try to run, you will stay in the same place.

    He rolled his eyes seeing her struggle like that and let go of her arm, making her fall with a thud on the road but he had held the back of her head that's why her head did not get hurt.

    "I HATE YOU SO MUCH!" Priya cried, seeing him position himself on her as she started hitting him everywhere. He started fighting her too, but did not hit her at all and just intervened her fingers with his and fought for dominance in this fight.

    "LET ME GO! I WANNA GO HOME!" She demanded and tried to get up but the moment she did, Ram's hand re-positioned towards the front of her dress and accidentally tore it..

    Her eyes widened and tears filled them up urgently, he looked guilty too and her soft skin was now on display cause the part that covered her waist was torn.


    "Technically, it is my dress, I own it! I bought it for you!" Ram defended.

    "Oh, ok! So why don't you wear it now? CLAIM YOUR DRESS, KAPOOR! WEAR IT!!!"

    This is the last straw.

    He held her wrist tightly at her statement that hurt his male ego cause she just asked him to wear HER SLEEVELESS PURPLE DRESS!

    "I didn't mean that! Dafuq is wrong with you? WHEN WILL YOU STOP SPEAKING CRAP, SHARMA?!"


    They both breathed harshly against each other's face before a guy passed by them and looked at Priya.. making her hide herself in Ram's chest because her torn dress was seen...


    "You know Sharma, if for every time you cried you got 10 rupees.. you will be the richest girl in the world 'cause you cry SO MUCH." Ram sighed..rubbing his bruised face with a cold water bottle.

    She was crying for 10 minutes now, holding her torn dress together ashamedly and sniffing uncontrollably.

    "Please just let me go.." Priya whispered.

    He gritted his teeth, hitting his hand against the door of the car in which they were inside now once again.

    "Ok. Fine, babygirl. I'll drop you to your home. But you know what? Your 'father' has told me that he doesn't want you anymore after all the negative publicity he has gotten after the news of our marriage went public. You still wanna go?"

    The moment Ram uttered these words, Priya felt her whole body become numb.

    This can't be true!

    Maybe Ram is lying..

    Her heart told her this, telling her that she can't just give up and she wiped her tears before answering him softly:



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