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  • Friday, 27 April 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 27th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika leaves Shivaay He Thinks Anika Betrayed Him"

    Ishqbaaaz 27th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika leaves Shivaay He Thinks Anika Betrayed Him"

    Episode Start with Shivaay is Walking and Veer about to Attack On him One Truck collides with him and He Falls on Floor in a pool of blood.

    Roop takes out Photos Album from Dustbin and She Goes Inside and Gives Proof to Police and She Introduces herself as Anika.
    Shivaay reaches home and Shouting Anika’s Name Omkara and Rudy are worried for his Wounds But He Says He doesn’t care he tells Khanna To Complaint in Police and Also Go with Your team to Search Anika.

    He drives Car and Searches Her everywhere
    There Sahil comes to Anika and Asks her why he is Been called from Boarding School and where are they Going She tells Him that we are going away from this City.
    Shivaay calls Sahil But Anika Breaks His Phone and Cries and Hugs him and Tells Him that we don’t have any More relation with Him.

    Khanna Informs Shivaay that Anika is going towards Bus Stand Magically Shivaay reaches Bus Stand and Suddenly its Starts Raining.
    Anika Sits On Bus with Sahil and Shivaay is Searching Her in all the Buses She takes Out Her Head from Bus and Looking at the sky and Shivaay is Standing Below the Same Bus Anika’s Hand Fall ad Just Above the Shivaay’s Head (Really How whatever).

    Shivaay goes to take His Phone from Car and then Anika’s Bus Leaves the Bus Stand Shivaay runs Behind the Bus as He Didn’t Search that Particular Bus.
    Shivaay gets Call from Police that They are coming to Arrest Tej-Pinky, Shakti-Jhanvi Shivaay asks why?
    Police inform that we found Evidence Against them and Given By Anika Shivaay Gets Shock to listen to this he thinks How can Anika do this to him.
    There Anika Thinks Same How Can Shivaay do this to Her.
    Police Show Shivaay Anika’s CCTV Footage Out of Police Station Where Anika is Standing But Shivaay doesn’t Believe But Then Police show Anika sitting inside the Police Station.
    Shivaay Still doesn’t Believe them But Police tell him that They have to Arrest them.
    At House Elders are Worried for Shivaay and Anika and Cursing Roop.
    Omkara-rudy comes and Ask where is Shivaay and Anika Gauri and Bhavya came to Same Time Too.
    Police Tell Shivaay if Roop is Culprit Brings her Here we will try to Investigate Because in half hour we will Arrest Them.
    Shivaay calls a lawyer and Tells Him to Makes Bail Paper for Pinky-Tej, Shakti and Jhanvi.
    He Drives Car and Thinks about that Anika’s CCTV Footage He Cries Hard and talking to Himself that Anika You should have Trust me Why didn’t You Wait for me and He cries for her.

    PRECAP : Shivaay informs Elders that Police will come to arrest them they Get Shocked.Lawyer informs Shivaay that Its difficult to arrange Four Bail Papers in Half Hour.police come with team to Arrest Them.

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