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  • Wednesday, 18 April 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 18th April Written Update Written Episode "Anika Challenges Veer He Kidnaps her"

    Episode Start with 
    Roop tells Shivaay to Bring proof with him also Keeps Phone On Shivaay Thinks That He can burn this Proof But Anika’s Life is More important than Anything He Leaves.
    Veer Leaves Anika and She Bursts her anger on Veer that Shivaay Will Do Police work But he asks Where is Shivaay She retorts that I am Enough for You She throws Something On His hand and runs away.

    Shivaay is Driving Car and Roop is Blabbering and Provoking Him That Here I am torturing you there Veer is torturing ing Anika what a Plan He Speeds Up the Car and Thinks Once he found Anika then he will Tell them who is SSO.
    Anika Is Running In-House and Calling Shivaay Suddenly Her Leg come on the Carpet and her Phone Fell from hand Hand There Shivaay is Still driving.

    Anika About to take Phone But Veer Kicks Phone with His Leg.Anika takes Step Back and She finds Flower vase and She Hits Veer with That.
    She Runs and Hides Somewhere and She Calls Shivaay.
    Roop is Still on call and She is Singing “Maar Diya Jaaye ya Chod Diya Jaaye”
    Anika is Calling But Getting Busy every time Roop Forces Shivaay to Sing Song Otherwise Anika will Sing.

    Shivaay Sees Anika’s Call-In Waiting and Anika is Hoping that Shivaay will take the call Veer comes from Behind and Taps She Lost Balance But Manages to Run Away.
    Shivaay Accepts her Call and Shouts Anika Roop gets Call Disconnected Anika Collides with Veer and Her Phone Fell down and she Hears Shivaay’s Voice and She Shouts Shivaay.
    Veer takes Phone In his hand and He sits Near Anika and talks to Shivaay that they will Play Game “Cathing Cathing” Anika Shouts Shivaay and Veer Threaten Her that I will Kill Shivaay if you disturb me again.

    Shivaay Threaten Him that he will Kill Him But Veer tells Him to Meet whom he is going to meet and Cut the Call.
    Shivaay Gets Roop's call and He Lies that veer was Calling Me Roop asks Why he would call You. She Thinks Why he Called Him She Tells Shivaay to reach quickly.
    Roops Calls Veer that why he called Shivaay I told you to take Anika away Veer tells That Anika Called him But Roop Burst Her Anger on Him That do what You told to do.
    Anika comes from Behind and She Hits Him with Bottle and Shows Him Finger and tells Him That Don’t You dare to Touch me Again.
    Veer tells Her that he was Liking this attitude he tells her why he installed Camera because he wanted to see her he continues that He and She are alone in Oberoi mansion and So Close.
    Anika makes Fun of him that Did you ever Seen Your face in Mirror and She tells Him That he is Not Men.
    Roop Gives Instruction to Charlie to find where veer Took Anika.

    Veer is seen carrying Anika on his shoulder to a construction site, Roop calls Veer to check on him. Roop tells Veer to get Anika to her. Veer thinks he will Anika's dead body to Roop. Shivaay thinks about Anika and drives under stress. Pinky and Shakti worry about Shivaay, Roop instigates them. Roop tells them about her plan of getting Shivaay remarried. Roop refuses to pay attention to Shakti and Pinky. Roop screams on them for separating her from Veer. OmRu and Khanna hide and listen. Rudra tells Omakra to call Shivaay and inform Roop's plan. Veer puts Anika in the water tank and starts filing it with water to drown Anika. Shivaay meets with an accident, Anika screams Shivaay's name an get conscious. OmRu get worried as Shivaay doesn't answer the call, Roop tries to call Shivaay in vain. Anika struggles to get out.

    PRECAP : Veer is Driving JCB machine and He drives towards Anika and She Falls in water tank and Struggling in water.

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