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  • Tuesday, 17 April 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 17th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Veer Kidnaps Anika"

    Shivaay hides from the guards as they look for him with the swords, once the sword almost touches Shivaay, but the guards fail to find him, he decides to distract the guards, he makes a noise, the guards go back to Shivaay's room, Shivaay hits them and runs out of the room, OmRu and Khanna enter the house, Shivaay finds his phone and hides before Roop can see him and escapes, OmRu and Khanna look for Shivaay and suddenly look shocked. 

    Roop gets shocked to see the safe open, OmRu and khanna hide under the bed, Roop screams at the guards for letting shivaay escape. Pinky asks Anika to get something for her to eat. Pinky tells Senior Oberois about Roop's demand and blackmail. Pinky breaks down thinking about Shivaay and Anika, Te says they have to follow as Roop says and hopes to turn the tables during the wedding, Shakti agrees, they leave, Anika gets confused. 

    Roop calls Shivaay and threatens him. omRu and Khanna listen to her. Roop informs someone to get Veer out of the Jail, Rudra decides to message Shivaay, Roop hears the noise, becomes alert and calls her guards. A man gets in the custody and gives a chit to Veer, the chit says it is time for him to be fake sick, Veer gets a tablet and the phone from the other man, he acts suffocated and unconscious, police get Veer out to get him hospitalized.

    Khanna removes phone from Rudra's pocket, Rudra informs Shivaay that Veer is sneaking away from Jail, suddenly his phone rings, Roop gets alert and tells her guards to check under the bed, OmRu get tensed. Shivaay tries to call Rudra and Omkara and gets unreachable message. As Roop's guard is about to check under the bed, his phone rings, the ringtone is similar to Rudra's, OmRu and Khanna get saved. Roop gets the news that Veer is out of the jail, she gets relieved. In the ambulance, Veer gets up, beats the constables, the ambulance stops, Veer beats the driver and drives the ambulance himself. Shivaay reaches Oberoi Mansion and thinks of burning the evidence, but stops himself. 

    Shivaay gets a call from Roop, she informs Shivaay about Veer escaping the jail, Veer reaches Oberoi Mansion and eyes Anika. Roop laughs at Shivaay and warns him about Anika's life, Shivaay gets angry. Shivaay runs to his room to check on Anika, she gets shocked to see Veer in her room, Veer throws Anika on the bed, Anika fails in escaping, Veer holds her and shuts her mouth, Veer warns her to do as he says, Shivaay looks for Anika, she tries hard to get freed from Veer, Shivaay rushes to the room, Veer hides behind curtains, Shivaay gets shocked to see the condition of the room, he gets a call from Roop, she laughs, Anika tries to pull Anika's attention towards her. Roop demands the proofs and his wedding. Shivaay worries for Anika's life.

    PRECAP : Anika is Running and Her Phone Falls from her hand She Taunts Veer that He is Not Men who Raises Hand on women. Veer Gets Angry and He Chocks her Neck She collapses in his arms.

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