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  • Thursday, 12 April 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 12th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika's Naamkaran Shivaay Hides Truth from Anika and Family"

    Roop makes Fun of Shivaay’s Situation that if You Save Your Parents then You will Lose Anika and if Anika Knows Truth About her Father She will Suicide in Shame, Shivaay Shouts on her Enough What You want to do Go Ahead and Do.

    Shivaay tells that if I want to tell truth I won't Hesitate and Now its time for you to Afraid because Police will give You Punishment.
    She Says That In 24 Hours You will leave Anika and will Marry to Another girl Shivaay tells her to be at home he will Send A Doctor And He Leaves She Chants Same 24 Hours.

    There Anika is watching her Old things and reliving her Memory She Kisses her Medal and Cries with Her Family Pic.
    Tej and Pinky Ask Shivaay About how he Found about Anika’s Father also they ask About Kapoor Shivaay Thinks Not to Reveal Soon. He tells them that he doesn’t Find Anything related to Foremen.

    Shivaay gets Scared When Tej Generally Said Anika’s father connection with Foremen.
    Shivaay tells his Elders that Soon he will Finish this Kalyani Mill Issue. Rudra Omkara follows Shivaay.
    Khanna Informs Shivaay that he managed to delete Anything About Harsh Vardhan from Internet Shivaay is happy with this That means No One Can Find About Him.
    Shivaay Thinks How to get Suicide Not from Roop and Find Prove Against Her.

    Anika comes and Hugs him from Behind He Asks Her what happened She Shows her Name “Anika Vardhan Trivedi” She asks how is the Name?
    He teases her that Till Yesterday you Feel So Mich Michi on Shivaay Singh Oberoi Now Only Anika She Replies that It Gives me My identity my Khoon Khandan Now I have found this and Only because of You. Because of You Now I am complete.He wipes her tears.
    She comes with One Medal and shows him her Father’s Medal and She tells That Government Gave Him for his Loyalty and Bravery Now I can Walk with Pride.
    He Hugs Anika and Thinks I will Prove Your Father Innocent So that You can walk with Pride.
    Bhavya comes and tells them to come Quickly

    When they come down they got surprise from Family as they Made a Banner Name "Anika Varsdhan Trivedi"
    Episode End with Anika;s Naamkarann Ceremony

    Precap : Roop Calls Shivaay and Tells him that You Failed My Plan To Show Anika Suicide not by Media But Now That Note She will get Personally in Two Three Minutes Go and Stop that.

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