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  • Friday, 9 March 2018

    Naira - Kartik’s Cute Romance and resolution to become mature SBB 9th March Video WU

    Naira and Kartik’s Cute Romance and resolution to become mature SBAS 9th March Video WU
    Segment Start from Goenka House where Naira and Kartik are Sitting on the Bed and they are talking that how immature their Fights and How they Behaved and fought with Each other that was Totally immature

    Suddenly Naira gets an idea and She comes with two Rubber Band and She Pinch Kartik with Rubber Band he Shouts In pain and asks what is this

    She Explains to him that If she will do anything wrong you Pinch her with this Rubber Band and When he will do anything Mistake she will Pinch him with Rubberband
    Kartik Likes this idea and he also tells her that this will Keep Alive Our childishness also we will get mature with this

    Naira Pulls his Cheeks and Hugs him and He Hugs her Back
    In Same Hugging Position, she asks Him what about her Snoring he tells her He will Manage But Naira quickly withdraw herself and Runs to somewhere and comes with Ear Plugs

    She Shows Him Ear Plugs and tells him that Now This Problem Also Solve now we wont Fight on anything
    On the Other hand Naksh is worried Because Naitik is Hospitalized

    Also There will Be Holi Celebration In Upcoming Episode with Twist 

    We will Update Soon on this Segment of Naitik Must watch this Segment

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