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  • Wednesday, 28 March 2018

    Naamkarann 28th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Neil's Decision to Leave Avni Cries"

    Neil tells Avni that they have to find KK before media. Saisha wakes up in KK’s arms. Next morning media finds KK and Saisha in the hut together. Media demands KK to know who is the girl with KK. KK’s parents see news on TV and get angry. Kamini scolds her husband that KK is just like him as he is getting involved in scandals. 

    Neil and Avni reach KK and Saisha’s location. Neil and Avni rescue Saisha and KK and take them in the car. Neil scolds Saisha as she has caused so much tension for Nilanjana. Neil, Avni, KK and Saisha reach Sukoon ghar. Saisha hugs Neil and Neil remembers Mishti. KK bids goodbye to Saisha. Avni thanks Neil for everything. 

    Neil has tears in his eyes. Neil says that he is going away from her forever and this time he will not return. Neil walks away and Avni looks at him teary eyed. Neil and KK leave in the car.

    Kamini scolds Media people on the phone. KK returns home and Kamini slaps him. Avni scolds Saisha for running away. Kamini tells KK that his stardom will end in two days. Kamini says that all this is because of that cheap girl. 

    Neil asks Kamini not to talk badly about Saisha as she is from a good family. Kamini tells Neil that he did not fulfill the responsibility of finding KK before media. Neil tells KK that he is going away from Mumbai forever. Neil advices KK to take good care of the girl whom he loves. Everyone scolds Saisha for her stupidity. Manager informs Kamini that media is blowing up KK’s scandal. 

    Kamini asks KK whether he likes that girl. KK nods yes. Kamini asks KK to tell all details about Saisha and KK agrees. Neil books one way ticket for London. Neil packs his bags while Shweta and Prakash try to stop him. KK tells his parents that Saisha’s mother is a social worker and Dad is a police man. Kamini says that there is just one way to deal with this matter. Sunehri tells Avni not to lose Neil again. KK, Kamini and Rahil come to sukoon ghar. Kamini says that they want to meet Nilanjana. Kamini sees Avni and gets shocked. Kamini says that she has come for KK’s alliance. Rahil meets Saisha and gets happy. Avni apologizes to Kamini for her previous fight with her. KK’s parents meet the orphanage kids. Kamini gets the shagun things. Kamini asks Avni for Saisha’s hand in marriage with KK.

    Precap: Kamini tells Avni that the only way to end the scandal is to make KK and Saisha’s wedding a grand affair. Saisha locks herself in the room and says that she will kill herself if she is not allowed to marry KK. Avni kicks open the door.

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