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  • Monday, 26 March 2018

    Naamkarann 26th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Neil Burst his Anger on Avni Mitali Exposed"

    Neil tells Avni that he hates her and he can never forgive her. The mangalsutra from Neil’s hand gets stuck in Avni’s hair and Neil removes it. Neil tells Avni that he can never forgive her for her selfishness. Neil says that they will wait for the kidnapper to call. Avni says that although she has been away from him, she has always missed him. Avni says that she left him to protect him and his family from Vidyut’s terror. 

    Avni says that it is her destiny that he hates her. KK and Saisha run away from captivity and goons run after them. Saisha and KK hide amid leaves. Goons leave from there. KK gets a message from Saisha’s phone. Saisha realizes that she has dropped her phone. Saisha reads the message and it is from Jaan Didi.

    Kamini comes to Neil’s room and Avni hides in the bathroom. Kamini says that a girl named Saisha is tagged in Neil’s pictures and asks Neil who is Saisha. Kamini says that Saisha is using KK to get ahead in the film industry. Avni gets angry hearing Kamini’s words. Kamini asks Neil to get all details of Saisha. Kamini asks Neil to find KK before the world comes to know about Saisha. 

    Kamini leaves and Avni comes out of the bathroom. Avni is about to tell truth about Saisha but Neil already understands that Saisha is Mishti. Neil gets emotional thinking about Mishti. Neil sees a missed call from KK on Saisha’s mobile. Neil says that he will trace KK’s call. Mitali thinks to talk to Neil as he must have taken a decision. Samrat calls Mitali and asks her if she knows about Avni. Mitali asks Samrat why Sunehri gave letter and DVD to Neil. 

    Samrat says that Sunehri knows nothing about it. Mitali gets tensed thinking how Neil got DVD and letter. Mitali sees Neil and Avni together and gets shocked. Neil asks Avni whether she has not told Mishti anything about the past. Avni says that she has removed all past memories from Mishti’s mind.  KK and Saisha are on the road and are unable to call Avni or Neil. Neil traces KK and Saisha. Mitali comes to meet Neil. Avni and Neil corner Mitali and accuse her of trying to scare Avni with Dayawanti. Neil accuses Mitali of betraying his trust. Mitali tells Neil that she fell in love with him and therefore she wanted to get Avni out of the way. Avni tells Mitali that if she had confessed the truth then she would get out of her way. Neil tells Mitali that she ruined their friendship. Neil says he cannot tolerate lies and betrayal. Mitali apologizes to Avni and is regretful. Avni hugs Mitali. Neil tells DD that he has traced KK’s location. Neil tells DD that Kamini should not come to know about this as Saisha can get into trouble. DD goes to meet Kamini and tells her that Saisha is a good girl and lives with her mother Nilanjana. Kamini asks who is her father. DD says that her father is a policeman on a high post. Kamini says that she will have to meet Saisha’s parents.

    Precap: Neil and Avni fight with goons in the jungle.

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