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  • Friday, 23 March 2018

    Naamkarann 23rd March Episode Written Update Written Episode "Neil is Angry Said I Hate You to Avni"

    Neil and Avni enter the hotel room. Neil tells the manager that he needs two single beds but manager says there are no more rooms. Avni tries to pacify Neil but he demands for DVD. Neil sees the DVD video of woman dressed as Dayawanti. Neil is shocked thinking that Dayawanti is alive. Neil taunts Avni that some people fake their own death. 

    Kamini tells a man that Neil will handle the case and hopes the KK gets back without media coverage. Mitali comes to Neil’s room and Avni hides. Neil shows Mitali the DVD and letter. Mitali asks who gave it to him. Neil lies that Sunehri gave it. Mitali says that she knows about it as she is following their case. Neil asks Mitali if she has met Nilanjana. 

    Mitali refuses. Neil hopes that Neil tells her that she knows Avni is alive. Mitali tells Neil that she has to tell her something. Mitali changes her mind but Neil coaxes her to tell him. Neil asks Mitali to tell the truth even if it is bitter. Mitali tells Neil that she is seeing him living a lonely life since 10 years. Mitali tells Neil that she knows that he loves Avni. Neil says that he no longer loves Avni.

    Mitali proposes her love to Neil

    Mitali asks Neil whether he will share his life with her. Neil is shocked. Avni hears this and she too gets shocked. Mitali tells Neil that she is his best friend and they can lead a life together. Mitali tells Neil that she can do anything for him. Neil is speechless. Mitali tells Neil that he can take his time to take a decision. Mitali promises that she will get back KK and Saisha. Mitali leaves and Neil gets Avni out of bathroom. 

    Neil tells Avni that Mitali too knows about her being alive. KK and Saisha are in captivity. Saisha remembers Avni training her to fight goons. Saisha fights with goons. Neil tells Avni that Mitali knows she is alive and Dayawanti’s return would be her plan to scare her. Neil says that Dayawanti died in the fire so it is impossible for her to escape. Neil tells Avni that Mitali is scaring her with Dayawanti’s return as she does not want them to unite once again. Avni says that Dayawanti too could have run away from fire. Neil asks Avni how she escaped from the fire at Vidyut’s hosue. Avni says that she was wearing a fireproo dupatta. Neil thinks that Mitali is lying to be with him and Avni lied to him to stay away from him. Neil tells Avni that they had made a mistake by trusting Juhi but they cannot repeat this mistake with Mitali. Avni says that Mitali cannot stoop down to this level. Avni asks Neil to remove his anger and frustration and slap her. Neil says he will never hurt a woman. Neil remembers his meetings with Nilanjana in the past. Neil asks Avni whether it was her at KK’s party. Avni admits it was her. Neil says that he always hoped for her to return to him. Neil says that the entire family got ruined because of her. Avni apologizes to Neil. Neil asks Avni whether she thought that he would marry someone else and move on.  Neil tells Avni that he could never live without her. Neil asks Avni how she lived without him. Avni hugs Neil and apologizes but Neil pushes Avni away. Neil tells Avni that he hates her.

    Precap: Kamini asks Neil that who is this Saisha and there is no information about her family. Mitali asks Samrat how Sunehri knows about the DVD and letter. Samrat says that Sunehri does not know. Mitali wonders how Neil got the letter and DVD.

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