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  • Thursday, 22 March 2018

    Naamkarann 22nd March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Neil- Avni Face-off"

    The rich woman steps out of the car and tells Avni that she will tell her who she is. Avni tells the woman that she is very ill mannered. Avni gets back in the car and leaves. The rich woman stares at her angrily. Saisha is being taken away by goons. The rich woman reaches the shooting location and asks for KK. The woman is KK’s mother. 

    KK’s mother fumes as KK is missing. KK’s mother sees Mitali and threatens to suspend her. Avni sees Saisha’s location and finds out that she is in a jungle. Neil reaches same location as Avni. Avni goes into the jungle. Neil also goes towards same jungle. Avni reaches an isolated house. Avni finds Saisha’s phone on the ground. Neil also reaches the same house and enters.

    Neil angry with Avni

    It is dark in the house and Avni sees Neil and starts beating him up. Neil also attacks Avni and pins her to the ground. Neil sees Avni’s face and gets shocked. Neil shines a torch light on Avni’s face and is stunned. Neil’s tear falls on Avni. Neil is unable to believe it and wonders how it can be true. Neil asks Avni who is she. Neil tells Avni that she betrayed him and she never died. Neil says that his Avni can never betray him. 

    Neil asks her who is she and Avni says she is Nilanjana. DD and other policemen arrive there. Avni asks Neil to listen to her. Avni begs Neil not to tell anyone about her. The police team enters and Avni hides. DD asks Neil how come he is here. Neil says she was searching for KK. DD informs Neil that KK is kidnapped. DD says that there is a girl along with KK. Avni understands it is Saisha. KK’s mother comes there and refuses to believe that there is a girl with KK. 

    Neil asks DD to wait for ransom call. KK’s mother asks Neil to handle this case as she does not want police involvement. KK’s mother requests Neil to accept this as she knows he is an ex-policeman. KK’s mother gives Neil a lot of money and asks him to use the money to find KK. KK’s mother asks Neil not to reveal to anyone that a girl is with KK. KK’s mother leaves and Avni tells Neil that Saisha is with KK. Avni shows Saisha’s letter to Neil. Neil asks Avni about the goons who were harassing them. Avni says that she has got a DVD and he should see it. Neil asks Avni to come along with him. The goons discuss the ransom amount for KK. Saisha asks KK to do something. Saisha worries that Jaan Didi will be tensed knowing she is kidnapped. Neil and Avni are in the car and both are sad.

    Precap: Neil acts rude with Avni. Avni shows Neil the DD and Neil sees the woman dressed as Dayawanti. Neil thinks that Dayawanti had died but taunts Avni that anyone can stage their own death,

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