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  • Wednesday, 21 March 2018

    Naamkarann 21st March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Mitali turns Negative"

    Avni asks Sunehri to pack up. Tara and Sitara inform that Saisha is missing. Avni find s letter from Saisha. Saisha writes that she has left with the film crew as she had to go. Avni worries that she has been kidnapped. Sunehri asks Avni not to worry as Saisha is with film crew. Avni says that Saisha is kidnapped. Mitali meets the goons and fake Dayawanti and pays them money for scaring Avni.

     Mitali is sure that Dayawanti’s fear will send Avni away from here. Mitali thinks that there is no place for Avni in Neil’s life. Avni tries to track Saisha on cell phone and finds out that she is stuck somewhere. KK’s car is stuck near a jungle. KK opens the trunk and finds Saisha. Mitali reaches Neil’s house and thinks that he has to keep Neil away from Kashid. Mitali meets Shweta and tells her that Neil has gone to Mahabaleshwar.

    Shweta asks Mitali to go to Mahabaleshwar and propose her love to Neil. Mitali says that Neil does not like her. Shweta asks her not to miss the opportunity and tell Neil her feelings. Mitali agrees to tell Neil. Avni asks Sunehri to call Neil and inform him. Sunehri calls Neil and asks him whether Saisha is with them. Neil says that Sunehri is not with them and asks whether Saisha is in trouble. Sunehri lies that Saisha has returned. Avni says she has to search for Saisha. Sunehri gets a car for Avni and asks her to take care of the car. 

    KK panics seeing Saisha and asks her whether her mom knows she is with him. Saisha asks KK not to worry as she is upset with her mom. Saisha asks KK to take her for a meal. Avni tries calling Mitali but cannot get through. Saisha and KK get lost in the jungle as they try to get back to the car. KK starts panicking again. Saisha is relaxed and takes selfie with KK. Neil wonders where is KK and his car. Neil calls KK’s assistant and comes to know that KK is missing. Neil goes looking for KK. Someone speeds by Avni’s car and break mirror. 

    KK and Saisha come across some goons with guns. The goons recognize KK as film star. The goons think they will get good ransom for KK. Goons take away Saisha and KK but Saisha drops her cell phone. Avni stops the car which broke her mirror. Avni confronts the woman in the car who looks rich and powerful. The woman gets out of the car and tells Avni that she does not know who she is.

    Precap: Avni and Neil fight in the dark. Neil shines light on Avni’s face and gets shocked.

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