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  • Tuesday, 20 March 2018

    Naamkarann 20th March Written Update Written Episode "Avni Spots Dayawanti Neil comes Inside Avni's Room"

    Avni puts chicken pox marks on her face. Mowgli locks Avni’s door from outside. Avni thinks she has to leave as Samrat must have reached. Neil comes there and Mowgli tells him that he will make him meet Jaan Didi. Mowgli asks Neil to open the door to Jaan Didi’s room. Neil opens the door but finds it empty. Neil searches in the room but does not find Jaan Did anywhere. 

    Neil realizes that Jaan Didi has escaped from the window and thinks that only a criminal can run like this. Avni meets Mitali and gives a letter to her which is for the goons asking them who they area. Avni asks Mitali to take away Neil soon. DD meets Samrat and asks him who is Jaan Didi? 

     Samrat says that Jaan Didi is their friend and guardian. Mitali assures Avni that she will nab the goons. Mitali gets a call that the same goons were seen at forest road. Avni takes a rickshaw to forest road. Avni thinks that Dayawanti is dead so how can she come back.
    Avni realizes Dayawanti is alive

    Avni reaches an isolated place. Avni starts hearing Dayawanti’s laughter and thinks how can she be alive. Avni sees a religious procession coming towards her. Procession goes and Avni thinks she has to find Mitali soon. Tara and Sitara tell Saisha that they will return the cheque to KK’s shooting crew. 

    Neil asks Mowgli why Jaan Didi wants to cancel the shoot. Saisha tries to call Avni. Avni sees a woman dressed like Dayawanti entering a car along with same goons. Avni chases the goons’ car. Avni sees a rod with blood on it. Avni finds a trail of blood and follows it. Avni sees Mitali lying unconscious on ground. Avni wakes up Mitali and asks her how all this happened. Mitali says that someone attacked her from behind and dragged her in jungle. Neil tells the film crew that they have to leave. Saisha gets very upset. Saisha thinks she cannot let her love story end abruptly. Mitali asks Avni whether she is sure that she had seen the woman’s hand burnt. Mitali says that she will investigate and find out whether the woman is Dayawanti. Avni is worried for Mitali’s safety. Mitali says she will keep herself prepared next time for any danger. KK is leaving and Saisha has tears in her eyes. KK promises Saisha they will meet again. Saisha thinks that Jaan Didi is selfish. Saisha thinks she will do what she wants. Saisha gets into the trunk of KK’s car. Neil bids bye to Tara and Sitara and gives a note for Jaan Didi along with a cheque. In the note, Neil asks Jaan Didi to accept the cheque for the sake of the kids. Mowgli bids goodbye to Neil emotionally. Neil tells KK that he does not feel like leaving from this place. Mitali tells Avni that this does not look like a simple case as Dayawanti is involved. Mitali asks Avni to escape from this place immediately. Mitali promises to crack the case. Avni hugs Mitali. Avni returns home and tells everyone that she never had chicken pox. Avni tells Samrat to call Saisha and Sunehri as they are leaving from there immediately.

    Precap: Avni reads Saisha’s letter where she says that she is going away along with KK. Avni tells Sunehri that Saisha has not gone on her own as she has been kidnapped

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