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  • Friday, 16 March 2018

    Naamkarann 16th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Saisha's Bday Avni tells Mitali Everything"

    Avni tells Mitali that Neil and his family would never be safe if she stayed with them. Mitali tells Avni to tell her everything. Neil asks Mowgli why Jaan Didi remains hidden and there she is not good looking. Mowgli says that Jaan Did is the most beautiful woman in the world. Neil asks Mowgli to show him a picture of Jaan Didi but Mowgli says that Jaan Didi never allows anyone to take her picture. Neil thinks that his inside policeman tells him that Jaan Did is hiding for some reason. Mitali listens to Avni’s story and tells her that she did everything for Neil’s sake. 

    Avni asks Mitali why Neil left his police job. Mitali says that after getting life imprisonment for Vidyut, Neil felt that his duty is over and therefore he resigned. Neil also promised to always be happy as Avni would look at him. Mitali asks Avni whether he is doing all this under any pressure. Avni refuses to say she is doing it only for Neil’s safety.  Mitali tells Avni that Neil is always sad because of her decision. Avni says that she too misses Neil at every moment. Avni explains that her decision is best for Neil and his family. Avni requests Mitali not to tell Neil about her.

    Mitali helps Avni be away from Neil
    Neil helps the kids to sets up for Saisha’s birthday celebrations. Everyone on the set is waiting for KK. Actress of film complains about KK’s unprofessionalism. KK comes back and asks everyone to forgive him for his delay. KK says thank you to Saisha and says that he owes her a coffee. Tara and Sitara tell Saisha that KK has started to like her and may soon love her. Kids are planning the surprise for Saisha. Mitali thinks about her confrontation with Avni. Neil reads a diary where Avni has written about the orphanage kids. 

    Neil realizes that Jaan Didi is trying to hide herself. Avni hopes Mitali does not tell Neil anything. Saisha asks KK whether they can meet next day after pack-up.  Mitali gets a call and tells DD that they will have to inform Neil as Prakash is unwell. Avni thinks about Saisha. Saisha, KK Mitali, and DD notice that all lights have gone off. They enter the house and they get the surprise. Saisha is surprised to see the party for her. Saisha tells Neil that he looks like someone known.  Saisha cuts her cake. Shweta come there and scolds Neil. Shweta congratulates Saisha.  

    Avni looks at everything from the door. Shweta makes a birthday wish for Jaan Didi’s happiness. Saisha cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Tara and Sitara meet Avni and ask her if she is fine. Avni says that’s he is not fine as she gets very emotional, when Neil is around.  Avni says she felt like hugging Shweta too. Avni says that she is scared that she will call out Neil’s name. Avni thinks she has to be strong and she will have to stop the shooting. Shweta is with Neil and DD in the café. Shweta says that Prakash is perfectly fine.  Neil tells Shweta that he does not want to return home just as yet. Mitali thinks that she will have to keep Neil away from Avni.

    Precap: Avni reads a letter telling her that her bad blood can never become pure and she will snatch away her house and happiness from her. Avni realizes that Dayawanti is alive. Samrat also reads the letter.

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