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  • Tuesday, 13 March 2018

    Naamkarann 13th March 2018 Written Update Written Update Episode

    Sunehari tells Avni that if they use their emergency fund then they will not have money to pay the lawyer. Avni says that Sayesha’s 18th birthday is also coming up and we cannot disappoint her and other kids. Sunehari says that they didn't have the money or any help. Sunehari asks Avni to talk to Neil once. Sunehari asks Avni to talk to Neil for the sake of kids. Avni says that their love is over and she will live only with memories. 

    Sunehari gets hurt on her finger. Sayesha tells her friend that her gift for her birthday will be her prince charming. Sunehari tells Avni how they will face the goons with no help. Avni changes the topic and talks about Sayesha’s 18th birthday. Sayesha tells her friend to help her go to KK’s location. Sayesha tells that she wants to celebrate her birthday with KK. Sayesha thinks about KK and She thinks that KK likes her too.
    Sunehari seeks help from Neil

    Sunehari tells Avni that they have enough money to run the house but they don't have money for a lawyer. Sunehari asks Avni how she will manage everything alone. Avni says that God is with them and he will show them a way. The doorbell rings and a man comes there and says that KK wants to use their house for his song shooting. The man Who introduces himself as Production manager says that KK will live there. Sayesha gets very happy. The man gives Avni a cheque for advance payment. The man says that KK’s bodyguard Neil will also stay there. Avni gets a shocked hearing this and refuses to give her house on rent. The man tries to convince Avni but she refuses. Sayesha gets angry with Avni for refusing. Avni and Sayesha get into an argument. Sayesha walks away angrily. Avni tells Sunehari that she can never do this. Sunehari also gets angry with Avni. Neil comes to know that Jaan Didi has refused the offer and gets confused. Sayesha Gets Angry and In her anger, she tells that She Hates Avni, Avni Listens to this and this Hurts her.Avni tells her that she is taking this decision for her well being. Sayesha continues to be angry with Avni. Later, Avni returns home from shopping and she gets shocked to see a goon in her house. 

    The goon makes all children as captive. The goon goes after Avni with a knife and takes her to the kitchen. The goon puts all the gas stoves on and locks Avni in the kitchen. The goon gets the children there and threatens to burn Avni alive. The children plead the goon not to burn Avni. The goon warns everyone to leave the house in 5 days or else he will burn everyone alive. After the goon leaves, everyone discusses what to do. Sunehari is very upset and tells Avni that they can’t ruin their lives because of a decision she took 10 years back. Sayesha is very scared and Avni calms her down. Sayesha apologizes to Avni. Shweta shows Neil’s pictures to Mitali and says that Neil looks happier now. Shweta tells Mitali that Neil is happy because of her. 

    Neil comes there.  Sunehari comes to Neil’s house and tells Neil that the goon was about to burn their house and plead him for help. Mitali tells Sunehari that they will get police protection. Neil says he will help them as Avni too would have wanted this. Neil promises to come over next day. Avni decorates the house and when the doorbell rings, she opens the door. Avni gets shocked to see Neil at the door.

    Precap: The decorations stuff fall on Neil’s face and he cannot open his eyes and Avni looks at him shocked.

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