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  • Monday, 26 March 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 26th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika Handovers Soumya to Veer"

    Anika gives the key to Veer and says probably it is of the room where Soumya might be kept. Veer refuses to find Soumya himself and warns her to swap Bhavya with Soumya or else Shivaay will be killed. Anika gets worried and agrees to follow Veer's words. Anika checks the keys on the locks in all possible rooms, Veer follows her, Shivaay looks for Anika. Pinky and Jhanvi look for AniRiYa. Anika keeps looking for Soumya, she finds the fridge locked, the key works, Soumya falls out of the fridge. Veer gets happy, Anika comes and hugs Shivaay and attaches the key on Shivaay's wrist. 

    Pinky and Jhanvi catch AniRiYa with ShivOmRu, AniRiYa try to cover up. Anika worries about Veer's moves, she makes an excuse and goes to keep an eye on Veer. ShivOmRu jump in Shiva's bed, they tease Rudra over his last day of bachelorhood. Shivaay goes into the kitchen to make Rudra's hot Chocolate. Veer and Anika try to wake up Soumya in the kitchen, Shivaay approaches, they decide to take Soumya in the room, Shivaay enters the kitchen and gets shocked to see Anika, Veer hides behind the fridge with Soumya. Anika tries to cover up and tries to stop him from getting close to Veer and Soumya. Anika throws a bottle on her foot and gets hurt, Shivaay takes her with him for the first aid.

    Next day morning, Oberoi family gets ready for RuVya wedding. Anika and Omkara get Rudra ready for the wedding, Gauri and Shivaay get Bhavya ready for the wedding. Anika puts Kalgi on Rudra's Pagdi and blesses him. Rudra, Anika, and Omkara get emotional, on the other side, Bhavya, Gauri, and Shivaay get emotional. Rudra asks Anika to promise him that if he makes any mistake, she will take care of Bhavya, Anika promises him. 

    Anika hugs Rudra and Omkara. Bhavya asks Shivaay to unite Ruvya if she makes any mistake, Shivaay promises her. Anika sees them and gets extremely worried and emotional. Anika decides to tell everything to Shivaay, suddenly she sees the sharpshooter and Veer, she signals at Veer. 

    Shivaay picks up Anika's worry, she covers up. Anika sends Shivaay to Rudra. Omkara advises Rudra to realize his responsibility. Gauri gives bangles to Bhavya and tells her to realize her responsibility. Shivaay advises Rudra to be the best friend of Bhavya.

    Precap : Anika Looks at Bhavya and Then Shivaay with tears in her eyes and she Says Sorry to Bhavya Silentlly that She have to listen to veer if she wants to Save Shivaay

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